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What do you usually wish for when you were a teenager?

 Sometimes I wish I could redo my teen years. There's so many factors that could have changed my life that I wish I took into account back then!

  • Getting therapy sooner. I received therapy for my eating disorder when I was 17–19 and it's been so useful in my adult life to analyze stresses, triggers and learn that a lot of my communication errors stemmed from a restrictive upbringing. I could have noted these behaviors much sooner as a teen to develop better relationships with people.
  • Take weight loss and exercise seriously. I found out through a gene service, 23andMe, that I have a gene most elite athletes have for muscle development. All those years being insecure about my overweight body could have been mitigated if I weight lifted as a teen and I could have been a pro athlete if someone pointed me in the right direction for training. Or even modeling!
  • Be more sympathetic to my parents and realizing they were not the enemy. I would have a much closer, trusting relationship with my mom if I received therapy earlier to stop my irrational teen brain from getting upset over every little thing.
  • Kept up learning coding and programming. I taught myself basic HTML when I was 11 because I ran a Guild on Neopets and offered my members a free profile design. Oh how I wish I knew how important this was to keep up! I could have learned so much more!
  • Invest in Bitcoin. I remember being on a website to purchase Bitcoin when it was $200…I actually had more than enough in savings but I second guessed my decision…fml.

I wished i'll just complete school and hit a good paying job in Computer tech. I always admired the life and accomplishments of a very successful man Bill Gates and i wished i will end up just like him. I really wished to make it big in life so that i could get a good house and a cool car especially a Lamborghini. I loved Lamborghinis and i will just imagine myself speeding up in a straight empty lane.

I also wished for a sport bike actually which when i think of the reason now, i can help it but just laugh. I just loved scenes in romantic movies where the main actor and actress use a spirt bike and i just wished i had one too so that my wife and i could do same actually.it was a nice sight to behold at that time for me. Really stupid right?

Well that was it for me and i thank God i grew up hahaha...


Teenage is a very difficult age to be in where there is a lot of pressure on you may it be tied to studies or interacting with people or choosing a carrier in life. It is a time when people expect you to act like an adult, but at the same time when you open your mouth to participate in adult discussions, they ask you to shut up. Yes- this has happened with me quite often when I was in my teenage. Well, when you are 18, my dear friend, you can go on talking even if they ask you not to.. this is teenage where you just want to be yourself and speak out anything you like. 

There were a lot of things I wished for when I was a teenager and some of them that I did like to share are as follows:-

- Start earning quickly - I wished that I could do some part-time job and be able to at least fund my pocket money. At times when you are a teenager that feeling comes at least, it came to me that I need to ask money for all my needs. So just wished I could just start earning myself doing some part-time job.

- Go on a vacation to some remote island- Vacation was always there in my mind when I was a teenager. Exams on our head and I just started thinking about vacation just to skip them. Loved the teenage days as it was full of fun no need to bother about anything just have fun all the time.

- Have my own car - luxury is all that you want to show off to others. I wished the same to have a car instead of a motorbike during my teenage days. At times was jealousy with folks having a luxury car at their disposal so always wished I could also be that fortunate of having a luxury car during the early days of my life to fault about.

- Have my own home where I was pursuing my college - I was styiang in a boarding and also wished that my parents had a house at the place where I was doing my studies. Having your own house at the same place where you are studying is like you do not need to leave your family and go outstation for further studies. At times I felt homesick and always prayed god that it would have been great if we were having one more house near to my college/school.

There were a lot more but I'll end here with the top four of my wishes that always kept me wishing that the things would have been different if I had all the things I wished I had during my teenage days.


It's got to be leaving home, and sadly so. My parents, especially my dad, have always been a constant pain in them ass. I wished I could just get mature already, have enough money and get my own house.

Then, with every little thing, every little wrong done, mistakenly or not, my dad would start giving a history of how he had to sacrifice his life for us. I never could get him to stop and tell him I've heard enough. Even now that I'm grown up, he still keeps being a pain. I only wish I could get something that pays well and get away from his house. It's becoming really unbearable these days