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Would you still do good especially if you've been cheated badly in the past?

I have always been looked down upon, treated as a misfit, sneered upon and insulted straight. i always think about why I still continue to treat those very same people with the same  affection and kindness. 

I think it must be because of my upbringing and the values that my parents taught me through their life as example. They also were mistreated a lot of times by their relatives and sometimes acquaintances. However, they used to never argue or fight but kept behaving cordially towards all and it takes a lot of willpower to do it. 

My brothers and I grew up watching this and continue it even though some people are still trying to insult us. 

I did notice along the way that, if we behave normally towards those that insult us, they are actually beaten and their egos deflated thus leading to their mental transformation and change of attitude. If in the other hand, we react or respond to insults, then the arguments can turn into verbal conflicts thus causing huge rifts in relationships. It is better not to get into an unhealthy argument. 

There are exceptions and some will never learn.

As an answer to your question, I would still do good and am doing it right now to some relatives who think bad of me. What they think speak or act is their problem and their karma will decide their fate but it will not change my attitude.


 Man is the strangest animal on this planet. Probably, we are the most selfish and egocentric animal. When someone behaves politely to us, we take it for granted that he/she is doing this because we are something especial or superior to him/her. Man licks the shoes of a powerful man who mistreats the former. On the other hand, man mistreats that person whom he finds weaker than him. This is the normal behavior of us. I am not saying that every person behaves the same, but it is our normal tendency to mistreat innocents and revere the powerful criminals.

I have been cheated badly by some people who were helped by me but it doesn’t stop me from helping others. I became more alert and tried to assess people before helping them. I am doing this because I believe in the power of goodness. We cannot make this world a place of happiness or make our life better, if we are filled with negative feelings like hatred, doubt, mistrust, fear etc. only positive thinking can change this world. One mistake cannot nullify other mistake. In order to amend our mistakes, we should change the things which made a thing worse.

I am not saying that we should forgive those who don’t want to understand the importance of goodness. I am not against capital punishment either. But, my point is that we should not take revenge from innocent persons. Suppose Mr. X cheated me. His action cost me a lot. I had to sustain a heavy loss because of him but why should I cheat Mr. Y for Mr. X’s misdoings? I should have punished Mr. X. What will I get if I mistreat Mr. Y? One may say that one is not treating Mr. Y badly but one is not ready to help Mr. Y either as one has seen what Mr. X did. In my opinion this behavior is not right because Mr. Y may be a good person who really needs your help. One is punishing an innocent person for the sins of Mr. X. Mr. X is enjoying while Mr. Y is being punished unnecessarily for his sins and crimes.

So, in my opinion refusing help to others for the misdeeds of some unscrupulous people should not be criteria to treat people. One should punish the exact person who committed the crime or a sin. Innocent people should not be mistreated on account of other person’s misbehavior. So, I will not stop doing good work, no matter how many times I am cheated by unscrupulous people. However, one should always be alert and assess the persons thoroughly before helping them. Precaution is better than the medication. 


Capital YES.

Why won't i do good when goodness and mercy follows those that do good. Being hurt or cheated  in the past doesn't mean you shouldn't be good because you never can tell who will repay you back in the future.

Although, sometimes in my life i have been cheated, treated badly despite the help i render to people most especially at work. The funniest part of this is that, the good i did to the person whom hurt me is the same good i did to the other person i got favor from. 

I have always learnt from the adage that says "If you don't forget the previous day conflict, you may not have anybody to play with today.

Always do good and goodness and mercy shall follow you . 


I'm pretty sure I would. The thing about life is that you cant let what other people say or do to you change who you are. I believe in spreading kindness and goodness in any way possible regardless of what people have done to me.

To make the decision to stop doing good on the premise of being cheated badly by someone else is a foolish one. There's alot of bad and evil in this world, but at the same time there's alot of good. The person or people who cheated you arent the same as the people who you'll come across in the future and to deny them your goodness is the same thing as cheating them too because if you can help a person then you should.

Life is what we make of it, and all though we can't control how others treat us, what we can most definitely control is how we treat others.

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Actually I've been cheated many times and that has never stopped me from doing good. Some people feel so bad that when they are been payed back in bad coin,they find it difficult to render help to another. Of course its always painful but one thing that kept me doing good is the belief that God is the rewarder. When you have the mentality that you are not helping for the sake of man but God,you will find it more easy to keep doing it.

The only thing I take into consideration is being careful while rendering help. The scare of the past is still a memento and it should not be carelessly ignored. I only do what I know I can afford to do to help anyone that comes to me. Going beyond is what might result to otherwise experience so its better to set plans while at shore than to set sail and sink at sea.

Its good to keep doing good whether or not you've been hurt or cheated in the past. But irrespective of the type of help to be rendered, being careful is a key point that shouldn't be ignored at all time

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An interesting question i must say. The answer for me is YES. From my religious perspective and my faith as a Christian, I believe the life of Jesus Christ has taught us many things and most importantly the GRACE of God. You see, when Christ died for us, he showed us that even though we were sinners and all guilty, he still gave up his life to save us and has told us to love and be good to all even our enemies. So even to those who have wronged us in the past, we are called to show them the GRACE of God by being unconditionally good to them.

I know for sure it is not an easy thing to do and may look entirely stupid and unreasonable according to the wisdom of man but trust me it is more peaceful, joyful and most importantly the right thing to do. Also, if you feel they really wronged you in the past, the best way to show them the right way is not by paying evil with evil. That just makes you exactly like them amd they will see no difference in you. But when you continuously show goodness and kindness toward them, believe me that will give them no rest and they will not help but ask themselves Why are you good to them?

And that is the perfect atmosphere to win them over and show them the path of light. Take them from the darkness into the marvelous light.

Remember, we cannot conquer evil with evil, we we only end up propagating evil when we try this. We can only conquer evil with goodness and mercy. We no longer live in the era of "an eye for eye, a tooth for tooth, a life for a life" anymore. We live in the era of GRACE. Unmerited love and favour even when we are so undeserving and unworthy of it.