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WWhat holds Steem back from top 20 crypto in CMC?
We are quite aware that Steem is being underestimated, with so many dapps and activities. Then what holds it back from being top cryptocurrencies?

Currently the 20th crypto is at about $600m market cap. For Steem to enter the top 20, it will need to at least increase its market cap by 3 folds and the other crypto need to remain the same or weaken.

As a Steemian, I can clearly see the potential of the STEEM platform. We have 50,000 active accounts and growing. There are tens or hundreds of dApps. It is really exciting.

In my opinion, the key reason why there isn't enough money flowing into the STEEM platform is because people haven't recognize the business use case of STEEM.

First of all, STEEM platform can be used as a blogging platform for any company. The cool thing about blogging on STEEM is that one article is posted across multiple sites (e.g. Steemit, Busy and Steempeak). This is actually quite good in improving the online presence of a business.

In addition, STEEM platform is also a perfect place to harness crowd wisdom for crowdsourcing and crowd prediction. These are all actual use cases that are of value to the real business world. We have no lack of good creators on STEEM, but more people need to know that.

In essence, I think we lack marketing and that was why @timcliff's Steem Blast Day got me quite excited. Though it didn't seem to have worked well enough, it was still good effort and every Steemian should play his/her part to spread the word to the rest of the world.


I believe that when the SMT is launched it would make the Dapps to become more popular and attractive and

that would attract more investors to the steem blockchain and it will increase the faith of the previous investors on the steem blockchain...

What makes a cryptocurrency to rank higher on cmc is the market capitalization and the more the

cryptocurrency have a high market capitalization then rhe more it will keep ranking high on coinmarketcap,,,so what is holding back steem from getting to the top 20

cryptocurrency on coinmarketcap is that steem market capitalization is lower compared to the market capitalization of each cryptocurrencies at the top 20....if

steem gets an increased massive investments and its market capitalization booms very high then it would make steem to reach top 20 or even top 10 too....