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Will Steem hit over a dollar this year?
Do you think Steem will hit over $1.00 in 2019. What's your statistics or ideas you have.

Firstly, we need to understand the concept upon which the rise and fall of steem and other cryptos generally depends on the rise and fall of Bitcoin. All other cryptos including steem are mainly dependent upon the rise and fall of Bitcoin.

Based on the curve and trend of the crypto graph, it is observed that the curve in this recent days appears to be more favorable on the price of steem and SBD.

I think there is high chance of steem hitting more than 1 dollar this year from this recent days performance on the price of steem and SBD.

Let's just keep hoping for the best and I strongly believe there will surely be a great increase in steem price when the time comes.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

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It hard to predict but I think yes it may hit over a dollar this year.

Crypto currencies are highly unpredictable/ volatile.

These are mainly based on the speculations and trend change very sharp.

A crypto market is not regulated by some regularity authority so there is no one to safeguard the interest of small investors.

Decentralized technology is still new to the world. Its market penetration and adoption is still negligible.

With the passage of time as more and more people are aware of this technology, it is becoming more and more popular. 

Now even many countries has started accepting this as currency and many other are in the process of adopting.

So in future a more countries will jump into it and it will gain more trust of people. Its value will also increase.