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Does Love Make You Become A Poet?
If you ask me, then the answer is yes, for some people sometimes become a poet for himself. when someone is in love sometimes sometimes without realizing it he is able to create beautiful words for someone who is very loved and sometimes even if they are not together anymore, so he is still able to create these verses even though the sadness is sad. this is the view of love in my eyes which is expressed in this verse.
If you have it, you don't need anything else
And if you don't have it, whatever else you have doesn't mean much

Love can not be forced
Love cannot be persuaded and teased
Love arises from Heaven without mask and without being sought

Love can turn bitter into sweet, dust switches gold, becomes cloudy, becomes sick, prison becomes a lake, pain becomes pleasure, and anger becomes mercy.

Love that is associated with personal interests will turn into despair.

Love is not from words but from a lump of desire given to the heart that needs it.

The first love is a memory, the second love is a lesson, and the love that follows is a necessity because life without love is like a dish without salt. Therefore, keep the bestowed love so that it continues to blossom and smell throughout the season.

Crying is not a cure for love because he does not understand the journey of conscience.

Anyone is good at living love, but nobody is good at judging love because love is not an object that can be seen by the naked eye, on the contrary love can only be felt through heart and feelings.

In a romance, do not regret separation but regret meeting. Because without meeting there will be no separation.

It is like losing love like the loss of a ring of gems in a vast ocean that has no edge and must be forgotten.

Sacred love can be seen from one's sacrifice, not just gift.
Love is a beautiful feeling and can make you do things you never imagined you could do before.
It can make you become anything.
Even a poet.
I have seen lovers turn poets in a bid to express their love for each other.
So yes, love can actually make you become a poet.