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Does anyone know how to use the tokens on whaleshares?
Can I get a comprehensive list of how to use different tokens on whaleshares. I recall that I lost some tokens by sending to a wrong account. I never got any upvote.


The tokens on Whaleshres is used by using the bitshares platform. You can see a list of coins promoted by the Whaleshares platform on 


The tokens registered there are approved tokens which can be used on the platform, other tokens are also used on the platform in a similar manner. You can see a list of what token to send to who on the above link.

You gain tokens by entering various contests on the platform or participating in shows in the discord server. 



Visit the site http://whaleshares.info

On the site, you will find a list of tokens and the accounts which you are to send them to. You must have a bitshares wallet and when sending the token you will include the post you will like to be upshared as memo.


Here on https://whaleshares.info/

you can see exactly which tokens to send to who's account...check ya there!