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Can you give your top 5 short series anime and explain it briefly why?
I just want to watch short series animes maybe like 24 episodes the longest?

We anime lovers tend to be rudiculed by our peers. But we know the joy and thrill that comes from watching a nice anime.

Here are some of my recommendations

I'll count it down from bottom to top

5 One punch man

The story follows an earth inhabited by monsters, villains and heroes. The heroes have a league consisting of the least to the most powerful. A regular guy named saitama who has no superpower but has trained himself physically to the point where he's super strong and indestructible signs up for fun.

Did I forget to mention that he destroys his enemies with one punch hence the name of the series. It's an action packed comedy anime.

4 Cowboy Bebop

Set in a futuristic context, Earth has been made inhabitable due to an accident to the hyperspace gateway. The human race has inhabited new moons, planets and rocks. The inter solar police is formed an alliance with bounty hunters ( also called cowboys) to hunt down criminals and return them alive for bounties.

I really like horror animes so these next three are of the genre

3 Devil may Cry

Dante the main character is a demon killer but is the son of the demon Lord Sparda. He wields a giant sword made for killing demons and two guns with never ending bullets

2 Helsing Ultumate

Alucard, the most powerful vampire is a subject to Integra Helsing and the last of her family whose job is to destroy monsters and evil forces.

Alucard swore to serve the Helsing family after he lost to Van Helsing the founder of the family.

1 Castlevania

The legendary Dracula finally find love only for his wife to be burnt at a stake with the notion of being a with. Dracula returns from his journey to find his wife dead, swaers vengeance on the people who killed his wife.

I hope you find these animes as interesting as I did


They sure are one of my favorite passing time things

My top 5 would be

Death Note

  • It is one of the most epic anime that I have seen. It is about a student who gets a diary named Death Note, where any names that is written on the book that particular person dies exact way, time and  place. While you have to watch the anime in order to know how he use those powers and how he might get caught/not at the end.


  • Well it is basically about the character Naruto and the way of his life. How from one of the most annoyed kid to the savior of the Ninja World and the most powerful ninja alive in the shinobi world. Tune on to get to know more.


  • A Student who gets power of a soul reaper (Kind of Death God) and the duty of theirs are to protect humans from evil Spirits. While as time passes by Ichigo gets to become one of the most powerful Soul reaper in the soul world.

Attack on Titans

  • Well it is basically an anime where humanity is at extinct and is living inside huge walls to get protected from the man eating gigantic Titans. Eren is one of the person who lost his family and wants to take revenge and eventually get to recognize he is a titan too but he can control himself (after practicing) later on he fights with enemies and save human race from Titans. The story has many interesting ideas and many more things lies within.

Kuroko nu Basket

  • While it is a sport genre anime  of Basket ball. The anime took all the details to whole other level and explained each and every details of every shots that I had no idea of about clearly and very interestingly in the game. Moreover the character Kuroko is one of the  player of the best team in Japan but the least powerful one in the team. The team members get separated for the powers they were carrying but Kuroko made them come together agaim by his play and his teammates play (kagami)

While this are my all time favorites and I do really like them very much.