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What is the important of Questioning?Why is it important to hear others answer in such trivial question?

I think it is super important to question whatever we are told in life. We start life with people telling us what is right and wrong and very often those telling us what is right/wrong are brain washed. Be it telling us about religion or what is appropriate or not. History tells us that the killing of jews in germany was also considered right by germans at one point. Wars were considered right, and so was dropping the nuclear bomb. Should we have questioned all that - hell yeah!

Most things we learn in life are interpretations, subjective, open to discussion and debate. People at one point also had wrong notions about the earth's shape. And it is completely up to an individual to decided what is right for them. Questioning will not only help find answers and find what we truly believe in, but will also help us broaden out open-mindedness. Thinking helps us understand diversity of thought and just improves our learning. Now, there is a belief system we all have, but I think for mankind to survive and be respectful of each others differences, it is important that we understand or question hate speech and pre-existing notions to be able to accommodate variety in our life. Variety is in fact the spice of life. Too bad if your don't like spicy food but then may its time you started questioning a to why you dont.


I'll answer this question as best I can. In life as we know it, sometimes people agree on things and sometimes they disagree totally.  In engineering, when constructing a figure, we are asked to show the views. Views are basically us taking the figure from one angle only and drawing it out. That's how human minds work. 

When we see something or think about something, we have a view of it. Sometimes, our view of things are wholesome but most times it falls short because how we think and see the world differs depending on various factors. Everything in life is relative and so it differs from person to person. So while something may seem trivial to you or to me, it may be unreasonably complex to another person. As I said, views differ so at most times, all we can conjure up in our minds is just a partial picture of the whole diagram we think we understand. That's why most people tend to have a team of decision makers so that different views can be analyzed and a more wholesome solution can be found. 

The bottom line of what I'm trying to say is that to truly understand something, you must see all its angles and to do that, you must consult other people. People who may see a tower where you see a nail or an ocean where you see a desert. Because we all have our views and no single person has the complete picture


 What is the important of Questioning? 

Your curiosity to know and understand certain thing is the answer to that. On every day you come across so many things whether it your daily life, or your education or your work place, or your society or any thing that pops up in your mind and that popping up of curiosity lead to the form of a question and in order to enable such a question to place and with an aim to get a contentment reply you need a question and answer platform and musing on the top of steem blockchain is trying fill that space for you, where the aim is not only to find an answer to your question, but also to make it fair and transparent, as well as to reward to for your question or answer as well.

 Why is it important to hear others answer in such trivial question? 

Not everything is trivial and not everything is uni-dimensional when you search for an answer to your question and that all depends upon the type of question and the specific area it is related to...Simply put, not every answer is that straightforward and not everything can be drawn out of a book or google search and in fact the most beautiful and comprehensive answer can be found in a question and answer platform where a common man without celebrity-hood yet rich in knowledge of the subject matter can deliver that answer to you and that is why a platform like Quora is so popular in 21st century. Musing is also like Quora but it is a DApp on the top of steem blockchain and it is incorporated with blockchain technology to ensure everything is fair and transparent and unlike other platform you will get reward for your question and answer. 

Further in my firm apprehension the multi-dimensional answers to a question can be more easily read and understood in a question and answer platform rather than any other means. At the same time you will be able to read the multi facets of an answer and I am sure most of the time you may discover something new which you might not have even imagined of to your question. That is why it is really important to hear the answer/answers. Again there could be different type of question and the approach of answer sometimes may be different and may be same, but all that depends upon the type of question again. And in order to accommodate the multiple of array of "question types" a Q&A platform like musing is a much needed platform in blockchain space. That is answer to this question as well.

Thank you and Have a great day.


If this question pertains to the musing's feature that allows user to ask/answer questions, then here is my simple answer: Musing is simply making a tool for everyone inside or outside the platform to acquire shared data and information from one another or so. Along with that clear idea is the support of what steem's trying to build as an ecosystem of technology - a generation of useful tool with cryptocurrencies as rewards. Let's just call it smt then. Now, whether if it is a trivial or not, the importance of using this platform is we need to have proper and very eager community that is clearly supporting the core goals of musing.


Asking questions is very important in life so that we become aware of a problem. By asking, it will increase our knowledge and the people who listen to the problems being discussed.

Asking is also very important if we are lost on a journey. Even though there is now Google Maps that can lead us to where we are going, but in certain areas and remote, the Google Maps application cannot be our guide, so we must dared to ask the people in the place so that we would not get lost on the way.

Listening to answers from other people even though it answers trivial questions is also very important. Because the answers that people give are usually more qualified than the questions asked. Answers given from trivial questions usually contain the implicit meaning contained therein. This meaning can be insinuating to people who asking such trivial questions but the language delivered is veiled and answers the substance of the problem.

In this life, in addition to the importance of asking questions on a problem, it is very important to also listen to the explanation in answering the question. Because the answer to the question is not only addressed to the person who asks but also to the person who listens. Many lessons and advice that we can get from hearing a lot of explanations from people who understand the problem.


Let me rephrase it, because I am not sure what question you are asking. 

So, I will answer what I think you are asking.

I apologize if it is not in fact what you meant.

What is the importance of Questioning? Why is it important to hear other peoples perspective on subjects we see as mundane?

The ability to ask a questions is an unique characteristic of a human animal, thus far found nowhere else in the nature.

Even some of the smartest animals, chimps and gorillas are known to have ability to learn language, and to use modern technology, such as touch screens, don't seem to posses the ability to ever use the tools they are presented with to questions the world around them.

It is not unreasonable to draw a connection here.

The exact edge our specie have over any other specie, might be from our ability to question. 

You cannot seek answers if you cannot ask.

And the answers we find is what drives us forward.

A chimp may use a smartphone, but a chimp cannot build a smartphone. 

You might think "well, can you?"

Not right now, not most people. 

However, I can ask questions that would lead me to that ability, and so does any human person.

But not a chimp.

Chimp would never ask a question because they don't ever think there might be something new they can learn.

They assume other chimps, and humans, know all the same things they know.

Now, this applies to asking very profound questions, as well as very everyday questions.

You can question the origin of the universe, or moral dilemma, as well as question what's for dinner or which road to take.

The ability to question not only gives you the ability create technology, but also to make your daily life better and the pain of existence be more bearable.

It gives you the ability to pursue a goal.

So, why is it important to not only question but hear what others have to say on the things you already made you mind up about?

The popular saying say:

A lie repeated 1,000 times becomes truth.

The way our little meat robot monkey brain operates, it holds on to beliefs it acquired and never questions them no matter how stupid and untrue they are.

As long as it is once convinced something's a fact, a human person will live their whole life thinking very untrue things and even fight wars in defense of those.

All because the idea was never challenged. 

Questioning politics, positions of power, authority, and religion sound like thing that is given.

But most people really don't do that.

And once you are the part of the system, being passive towards all sorts of mundane things goes hand in hand with actual rules against questioning designed to protect said system.

I don't care to question and I would get in trouble if I did anyway, so what do you want from me?

Sounds familiar? 

Well, perhaps it don't.

But, believe or not, that's the mindset of literally 100's of millions of Chinese people.

If you don't question, and if you don't listen to what other people have to say about a subject, you're only open to what you are spoon fed. 

In the real world, 

nobody's spoon feeds an adult, 

unless they make a buck off of it.

You can question and make informed decisions, or you can be an useful idiot.

It's your call.