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If your life is miserable in the real world, would you like to live forever in a virtual world? why?

That would something fun. Imagine being able to forever live in this virtual world. Well, for me, luckily I have a great life at the moment. The only thing I have to do at this moment of time is to get my earnings increased. Trying my best to do that. 

If my life was really bad, I don't think I could be in a virtual world. Just to imagine if I was a virtual person in a virtual world like RALPH OF WRECK THE INTERNET. I forgot what that is called. I believe I could be anything I can imagine and I could just eat electricity. I can just imagine the clothes I want to wear. I imagine that i live inside a blockchain like those emojis in the world of apps. 

Wow, then I guess, there would not be a rest time until the electricity goes off. What if the virtual world gets outdated and can't even be updates, I wonder what would happen next. 

I guess, if there is such misery in the real world, there are steps to be taken to make life better. It won't be something easy to integrate or update as when we wake up, we feel the tense feeling and boredom of life ahead. I won't want to live in the virtual world but I would try to learn more and get more skills to maybe migrate to another city which has better prospects because staying in a virtual world is going to one day be really boring too if we could really do that in real life. 


I'd take that in a heartbeat. Because guess what that means? It means I'd no longer suffer from the physical disabilities that make real life miserable. I'd no longer get sick like I am right now. Distance would no longer be a factor in relationships.

There's an episode of the Netflix show Black Mirror that sort of reflects this, one of the few that didn't show the super dark side of things because it had a semi-good ending. The idea that older people on the verge of death could have their consciousness preserved in a virtual world so when their physical bodies died they could live on and all that. I'd love nothing more, to be perfectly honest.


My life is not miserable at all. And I definitely wouldn't want to live forever in a virtual game. 

Although many of my acquaintances would be surprised, since I'm always complaining about life, I love it as it is, because I'm learning that bad things come from good things. And it would seem strange that I say it, but nothing else I hope to die happy in this life, I do not imagine living forever in a virtual reality, at some point I would be bored of living so much and it would be a hell to just think about it.


This question reminds me of the movie "Transcendence" which is a story of a scientist who (in the movie) succeeded to transcend a virtual version of himself - an AI who have a capability to learn almost everything limitlessly. He became so intelligent to a point that he can almost take over the world by himself.

Whether there's is possibility or not, I actually think that it's a scary thought whereby a single AI can take over humanity in a snap.

That being said, I kinda fantasise that kind of power that a "virtual me" can have if I dwell in the virtual world.

However, if I will have the chance to live in the virtual world, I would use that power to be of help to humanity and create good things.