How Cryptocurrency platform change your life? How does Cryptocurrency affects your daily life?

Crypto, especially STEEM, has had a profound influence on my life and the way I spend my time online.  Before, I would spend hours on sites such as Facebook, Quora and Instagram, not realizing that by doing that, I'm actually making money for the owners of mentioned platforms. Money which I could be making myself. Money that I so desperately needed, I was giving away to these greedy corps that never share any of their earnings with the ones who actually create it, their userbase.

When I found out about Steem and how I can earn crypto by blogging, I ditched Facebook and never came back. After a year on Steem, the rise of dapps brought to life many interesting dapps that allowed their users to do the exact same thing. Earn crypto by doing something we usually do elsewhere for free.

This groundbreaking, selfless and for the first time fair, concept of distributing rewards to the driving force behind it (people creating valuable content) is something that made me highly value my time online. 

Nowadays, I wouldn't be caught dead, spending more than 5 minutes on Facebook, Quora, Instagram, or any other website for that matter, that doesn't value my time as Steem based dapps do.  It feels like I'm being used and abused by those sites as they make an incredible amount of yearly profits on our time spent on their platforms, all while not giving us a single cent. 

Not to mention how they spy on us and mine our data to sell to advertisers.....

Crypto has also made me realize how the world is about to go through a radical shift in the way we exchange value. With blockchain technology, the need for a middleman has been erased and no,   for the first time, we have the opportunity to trade and exchange value without having to go through a third party that takes a percentage for doing something the blockchain will do for free. 

 For that reason, I closed all of my bank accounts except one, that I keep for the case if I have to transact with someone who isn't into crypto yet.