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What pushes you to be a crypto user?
"Scam proof" this is the word that pushes me to become a crypto user. I surf the internet every day and I found out that crypto has lesser scam cases than fiat currency.

Principles and chances of monetary gains. 

Fiat currencies are inevitably going to collapse and return to their true value of the pieces of paper they are on and the ink that was used to make them pretty. It has been like that and will always be like that because the ones controlling it have always gone rogue and given out more paper money than what was stored as gold in the vault. 

Many don't even know about this but money, at its origin was a representation of physical gold stored in a vault.  

Meaning, that every piece of paper money banks given out was supposed to  represented its value in real gold, stored in a vault, by the bank. Needless to say, it wasn't long until bank owners went rogue. They quickly realized how they can just give out more paper than they have in gold because no one was regulating them and making sure they have that 1:1 reserve in gold, or not. Even if there was a regulatory body, chances are that they were easily circumvented by bribing officials and other means of corruption/manipulation.

Over time this devalues a currency into nothingness in a process called inflation, or in extreme cases hyperinflation.

Imagine your one dollar bill one day be worth one cent and how big of a bag you would have to carry in order to pay for a loaf of bread with cash.

Let me put that into perspective. 

This is what happens when "funny money" is printed out on a grand scale.  

Following WWI, Germany’s Weimar Republic faced historic debts. Consequently, Germany decided to fire up the printing presses, with a total of 133 printing companies working around the clock. As one would expect, their currency quickly became laughably worthless. In fact, it was used to heat furnaces.  

Note, that it's seemingly the government pulling the strings in such events but they are not. Central banks run the game. They are the boogeyman who is enslaving the world through fiat currencies, fractional reserve banking, inflation, theft (taxes) and many other enslavement schemes. REALIZE, their only purpose is to keep us under water, while they are drinking champagne on the beach. Laughing, enjoying seeing us drown in the cement shoes they put us in.

Another absurdity is fractional reserve banking. It's so absurd that, it should be an oxymoron. 

Banks worldwide are legally performing a well-known scam called fractional reserve banking. It basically gives them the power to give out more money in form of credit, than what they really have available for withdrawal.  

Basically, banks major function is to take money from Joe who has too much of it and gives it to Jane that desperately needs it. Then more unsuspecting sheeple  who don't know how the scam works, fall into the trap. The bank keeps lending out more money until it only has about 10% of what Joe invested.  

During the next 5 years, sheeple will struggle to pay out the debts, chipping away their concrete shoes, while Joe will get   2% interest on his "investment" if he is lucky. The funny thing about this is that it's Joe's own money paying out his interest. That 10% is all that was left after banks lending spree caused by Joe foolishly giving them his money.   

They make everyone who is desperate enough to take a loan from them into their little coal mine worker. Grinding away, conforming to the system to pay out some made up money.

Another 5 years go by and some sheeple can't pay up, so they lose everything,  Joe get's his 2% APR. 

How does this not sound exactly like, or even worse than bitconnect? I mean, cmmon. What's going on? How is only such a minuscule amount of people aware of this?

> Banks rake in trillions on a legal fraud, sheeple are impoverished. 

Tragicomically enough, if the banks were ever to ever run out of money, same goes for countries, they will like always,  try to bail themselves out by firing up the printing presses, again. Of course, like always, this will always be on the expense of the unsuspecting sheeple. 


> If this doesn't make you in the least bit mad, and I'm not awakening your inner anarchist, then you truly are a though nut to crack. Nevertheless, I have bigger hammers. 

Such "collapses" which I will from now on refer to as drownings because they are deliberately MANUFACTURED by the Central banks to literally flush out unprepared NPC's of a certain country, have occurred many times throughout history. For some reason,  your everyday Joe's and Jane's can't understand this. That's at least 70% of the entire human population, in my opinion.

Periods of such massive hyperinflation annihilating fiat currencies are inevitably going to happen on a grand scale. Presumably with the USD taking a leap down the cliff, pulling many other fiat currencies tied to it, down with it. All the way back to their true value of 0.

When that finally happens, and trust me it will. It's just a matter of time when that bubble will burst on a global scale.  It could be rather soon and anyone caught not owning any crypto, or precious metals, will have to live through some unimaginable hardships to survive. 

Those who will have crypto and precious metals will not see their money fade away into nothingness, but will rather appreciate in value over time.

That's one of the reasons I like to HODL crypto. Others include: 

  1. I like owning the little money I have. With crypto unlike when it's in the bank, I don't own it, the bank does
  2. I can see where the world is heading to in the future. Everthing is going to be tokenized, every activity will be incentivized, companies will pay for our attention and the entire world will be running on the blockchain.
  3. I hate being extorted by my own government (taxes). Crypto allows me to easily circumvent them.
  4. I can transfer value to any part of the world, for free and almost instantly. Compared to 10% fees Western Union takes and how long it takes them to make the transaction visible on the receiving  end, crypto is 10x better than what the legacy system has to offer.
  5. Crypto, Steem to be exact, gives me the opportunity to earn passive income unlike anything a bank, or a hedge fund can offer. Interest rates in Croatia are around 2%. Some countries have it higher than others but, there are some where interest rates are NEGATIVE! So, basically they expect people to lend them money so that they can rake in profits by investing it and instead of giving their investors a part of that profit, countries with negative interest rates  charge that service a couple percent per year. That's so absurd, I hope I don't have to explain why. Now compare that to Steem where  I can easily make 15% APR.
  6.  Decentralization is the future of business, and quite frankly, everthing. Anything that can be decentralized will be as such they are more efficient and cost less to run and maintain than their centrlized counterparts. I want to own a piece of the future and IMO, Steem is going to play a crucial role in it. 

 I could go on about this forever and this post is already getting too long so I'll end it right here.

Those are just some of my thoughts when it comes to the reasons  why I'm into crypto and why I think it is definitely here to stay and take over in the next 5 to 10 years. We are at the beginning of the most radicalshift in human history. For the first time we can transact with each other without having to necessarily trust each other. The blockchain does the middleman work for us, for free! 

This can either save us from the grips of Central banks and the soon to be crashing monetary system, or it can further enslave us if they manage to take over and popularize some of their own, private blockchains. 

Either way, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are the future. This is the direction in which the world is going. Our next big step as humanity. 

Tokenize and incentivize every activity, decentralize the world.


I entered to crypto for several reasons.

  • I do not like banks, they make me totally bored with their rules and their lack of flexibility. In addition, if they have their loan $ 100, they can multiply 9x and lend it with a rate of interest.
  • I do not like the fact that the financial service is closed after before 10am and close after 5pm and the weekend.
  • The banks are where there is money, in Africa there is none to do with the poor, so they are not there, the cryptos can be and not only not charity, it is a system that makes it pay for both sides without disadvantages.
  • Because cryptocurrency is not just money or currency, the name is confusing, as Civic serves to give an identity to people with these fingerprints, are phone number and email, in addition to other Essential info can be verified by a certified company that partners with them by filling out a form, such as credit, photo etc.
  • It's a new invention and everything new and revolutionary is interesting to me.
  • No one can stop the bitcoin, no one can freeze your money, so if you do something that the government does not like and they grab your money, they can not grab your bitcoins, they can torture you for example, so you It's better to shut up, if you're in a dangerous country.
  • It's decentralized, it's more secure, it costs less.
  • Yes bitcoin is really not energy efficient, but it's a simple problem to solve in my opinion.
  • I can be millionaire, billionaire and even trillionaire, I make 100% profit on my money per month, I intend to be the 1st person who goes to 1000 billion and who is public. There have been people in time who have done that, if we look at all the money they have made and kept and donated, according to inflation etc but no one is known, I want to be the first known.
  • I can trade 24/7 and I pay no fees.
  • If you are poor and can not have a bank account, you can hide your money, usually you get stolen (in some countries).
  • As I said above cryptos it's not just money, Steem is a crypto who pays when people like your content, they made a social network with who looks like Reddit better, it's called Steem It, on the same system, there is Dlive which is like Youtube Live + normal, there is Dtube which is like Youtube, Dsound which is like Soundcloud.

The freedom it gives me of actually being in charge of my own capital and not have it in the hands of the corrupt financiers who at any time can fold up their banking institutions leaving its customers stranded.

The ease of transaction without having to pay bloated money transfer fees essentially cutting out the sneaky thieving middle man called the banks.

How investing in the right cryptos at the right time can basically elevate your financial status and finally because being a crypto user is all shades of cool.


The only thing that pushes me be a crypto user is my drive to always try new things and explore opportunities. Many people out there have failed to grab opportunities that came their way because of their fear and doubts. It is ok to have second thoughts about anything but sometimes when it comes to you having nothing to lose by trying it, then i guess one should sweep off the thoughts and give it a shot.

When i first came across crypto currencies, i needed a huge amount to invest and i did not have it. But when other crypto currencies came up that required very little or aost nothing to hop in, i decided to hop in and give it a shot.

This is the reason i became a crypto user, to explore opportunities and try new things.


I became a crypto user because sooner or later cryptocurrency is taking over the world in terms of monetary aspect. Crypto is a more digital way of carrying out investments with one's cash. Since crypto fluctuates over time, one stands a chance of gaining when the coin he invested on rises.

Bitcoin is a coin that will stand the taste of time, so anyone investing in crypto stands a chance of gaining.

The fact that I can make transactions anytime with my finance is also what attracted me to crypto. With crypto usage, I do not need to stand in a queue at the bank waiting my turn before I take or deposit my money, that can be very tiring. So since I am a crypto dealer, all I need to is use my phone or PC with internet access and carry out my business transactions or financial transactions with ease.


I know nothing about crypto currencies a years back. I only hard the name of some popular currency but don't even know the name of steemit.

I used to use all the popular social media platform. But as you may understand it was something like irritating seeing thousands of add which I don't ever want to see in my feed. And it was like some one forcing me to see other's daily life, irrelivant memes and show off videos. I was very much irritated by all of that. 

And as the community guideline of some of the popular social media was a bit different, so it was easy for people to make others uncomfortable by commenting such thing, or posting some thing to hurt others. 

There were political clash and personal clash types of post every where. Which was not as entertaining as I want to be relaxed my mind in social media.

So I was like searching some alternative to do more productive thing rather than cheap entertainment and want to get in a community of similar minded people like me. 

In that way I found steemit and I joined it. Then I started to learn other crypo related thing and finally I am here in musing. I think this is the place I was searching for so long.

Moreover the reward and yes less scam motivate me to be in the crypto world and now I am a regular user of crypto.


Quite frankly it is my curiosity. On the other hand I consider it as a potential form of investment. for me personally one day.


Sincerely what really pushed me into being a crypto user was the fact that I was first attracted to cryptocurrencies because I saw the cryptocurrency market as a market which I can invest on and get a lot of profit from the investments so I decided to start investing on Cryptos

but after spending some time trading Cryptos I began to realize that Cryptos could also be really utilized to perform some certain tasks especially in the financial

aspect of the society and internet as a whole so that made me to become not only an investor but also a crypto user...