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What feature do you think is needed on steemit but yet to be created?

Depends on the user. In my case there would be some more features than one that I would like to see on Steemit. First of all I would like to have a messenger type of app to stay in touch with some of my favorite steemians without the need to write a post or comment on theirs. Something based on invitations that would not allow spammers to annoy any of us with endless messages. I know that the idea might sound a bit facebookish but I would really like to have that. Sometimes I don't see some users posting for weeks, but I would still like to keep in touch with them and having such an app that would be possible. Of course that I wouldn't want all the features that Facebook messenger has and all the details shown in the app but just to be able to message and keep in touch. Next I would like to have the option of private wallets. I don't like this thing with having wallets public at all and having people sneaking in your wallet and see all of yours transactions. I don't know why is it this way but I will for sure like to have my wallet private or at least the option to opt for a private or a public wallet. I would also like to have the option for a 100% Steem payout and no Steem power at all. I know Steem Power is important also but sometimes I just need some cash and I wouldn't need to power down to sell 100 Steem and something like this. So I would like to have more options to choose from regarding the posts payouts. Then I would like to have an option to schedule posts. Like for example if I want a post to be posted at 3:00 AM I should just schedule it and go to bet. The only thing I would have to do is write it before falling asleep. I know that steempeak has this option but I don't like steempeak. Then I would also like to see somehow what percentage from one's reputation is gained by buying bid bots. I am not a fan of bid bots or users that are paying for such services and I would like to know that before following them. I would also like to have a minimum of ten days payout time for posts because some valuable content can be found even after seven days after posting it and it would be nice to be able to "share some love" with the author. Then it would be great to have a slide bar for choosing the voting power even before becoming a minnow, like for example if you have 100SP you could also choose your voting power. Last but not least I would like to be able to power down without waiting for thirteen weeks like we normally have to do. I consider that if we are able to power up instantly to be able to power down also instantly, or faster than now, or at least with some amount of the Steem Power one holds. In any case I would like to have the ability to power down much faster than now. Sometimes you can simply power down, sell your Steem and buy more with that money in two or three weeks and for me that would be great. Now I will stop because I realized that I made a sausage long comment and don't want to bother you reading that much.

Hope you found my opinions interesting and wish you a great day! Keep on musing!  


One thing has become increasingly clear that Dapps will become more and more independent from the Steemit platform and for Steemit to hold its position as the leader, a few changes are needed and some new features to be added. Here  is what I propose:

1. We need a better visibility system to push good quality content on blogs to the top. There is only so much injustice that good bloggers are going to take - either we make effort to keep them here or they will find a different platform to showcase  their talents.

2.  Steemit, inc. needs to make sure that we get a direct fiat gateway into  the platform. Blocktrades is not just enough anymore. We need to become  independent of the third party exchanges and get one of our own where we  can directly buy Steem and SBD

3. We need to get rid of the trending page because at this point it nothing more than a blemish. In fact a lot of bot abuse  goes on so that people can make it to the trending page.

4. SBD needs to be pegged - This  would mean that SBD could actually be used as a stable store of value  within the system. This is very important because to attract masses we  need stability.

5. In future we might need to make some  collaboration with platforms outside the Steem blockchain. For this we  need that Steemit remains prepared so that we have the upper hand during  such collaborations.


Steem needs to have a feature that can be used to know when someone has viewed your profile or it is viewing

your profile,i believe this tools will enable steemit users to have an information about how much users visits their profile and that can be used to know how much work they need to do in other to gain more audience...i

believe this features can be developed for steem and it will make the steemit experience to become better for the steemit user...


I've only been on Steemit for a few days, but I don't really see lack of features as a hurdle for widespread adoption.  For me, the biggest thing to "fix" is the sign-up process.  Grandma is just not going to understand it as it is because it differs so much from that of Instagram, Facebook, etc.  It's very tech-y, and let's face it: the vast majority of the public is just not that tech-savvy.