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When should we start allowing a kid to watch tv?

This depends on the parents on when they want their kids to start watching TV.

Kids love watching TV and they catch fun in it and every parents want their kids to be happy and comfortable.

My opinion Is not when they start watching TV that is an issue but what they watch.

Parents should be very careful and alert what they allow their kids to watch at a young age, they must make sure they watch things that will educate them and help their future and not movies or programs that will corrupt them and have negative impact on their future.

There are lots of kids program that are available that they can watch and have fun and that is what they should be allowed to watch.



Wrong question

Real question "is when you should start talking to your children about life?" restricting them from viewing TV doesn't protect them from the world. It only makes them inexperienced (which can be worse).

You should never try to hide the truth from your children. Instead you should help them develop strong moral cores. That way, they can tell between life and fiction, right and wrong.

Once you establish a connection with your children with regular quality communication, you should allow them watch TV. They'll tell you about the 'strange' things they see and you'll help them make sense out of a senseless world


It relies upon parenting. This is not an issue of when should kids be permitted. It's an issue of how to actually regulate what your child watches. On the off chance that your simply going to give your child the remote and state go crazy, at that point you can anticipate that the child would pick some few things which you don't want them to...

I was staring at the TV since I could perceive the countenances on the square box in the living room.

A parent ought to have the capacity to have an open discourse with their child. In the event that you can't set up the association with your kid where they can come to you with inquiries concerning things they discover then the issue isn't TV.

I saw a movie titled " Solo and Spawn" when I was a child with my father. Before then I had gained from my folks the distinction among fiction and reality amoung different things.

It's not about when your kids can ingest certain media it's about how you raise them to respond to said media by means of life exercises and talk.


We know that the children or kids is the young generation, we must manage him from child up to be adult man, so when he's a kid you must teach him manage him to the good away, keep the watching television from the kids away therefore the hanphone or smartphone, we knoe the children in 2 or 3 years old was knew about the smartphone it's very danger toward our children, so that the coclnclusion is don't let your kids watch the television, except when he is an adult and understands which are positive and negative for him. Hope this answer is fit or can be accept by the writer of question. Me @salim001