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How important is science in our lives?

Science is really important in our daily life as it gives us an aspect of like that we don't always see. Science allows us why some things work in certain ways. Science is everywhere. It is the study of science that our society can advance into the future. We can basically be able to produce better computers, smartphones, Cars and many more.

Back in the days or even the time when Science wasn't a dominant subject, people thought that God's made rain, gods were angry if it was hot or God was upset if no fruits bore. Luckily for science, we now understand how things work. In the past leaded petrol was used as no one knew what problems lie within of using lead. Mercury was used in our daily lives. No one understood why there were plagues and criminals could not apprehended because there was no link. With science, it has made our world a better place, a safer place and a smarter place.

It lights up the world. Imagine instead in the past it was religion that would be believed in the way the world would advance going forward into the future. What would the world be like. Temples built everywhere just like in angkor wat. They had a magnificent city but they did not understand the way water works and how to even properly make a water system and the place dried out and everyone left.

Science is important. If science wasn't invented the world would still be a very very outdated place. I love science.


Each educated individual knows about the colossal advantages of the presence of science, it had helped us gain information in pretty much every field throughout everyday life, extending from understanding our body, nature to how incredibly it has contributed in wellbeing, innovation and comfort with living through machines.

Science has likewise added to assist human work with next to zero worry through the improvement of machines and gadgets. Through the information of science in agribusiness, agriculturists get more yield from their deliver than previously. It had help make openings for work. In the field of financial, science has dealt with the market cost and in addition the information of utility, request and supply.

Science has likewise helped human investigate post-mortem examination in finding the reason for death, science in wellbeing has contributed to a great extent in fix, aversion and treatment of disease.

I can just make reference to however few, there are numerous I couldn't make reference to. Taking everything into account, science has made life simpler and helpful

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Sure, all the answers to questions are YES, science is very important in our lives. In fact, information (not science) is considered very important in our lives, let alone science !!!

Every science is built on a philosophical paradigm, namely ontology, epistemology and axiology. In fact, science is also influenced by the worldview of the scientists themselves. Every science is developed on the basis of ontology questions, namely the source of science itself. Then proceed to epistemology, which asks how the science was developed. And the last is axiology, he asked the benefits of the development of knowledge that has been built. The whole philosophy of science is compiled by a worldview that is owned by every scientist.

So, science in our lives will continue to grow and will continue to affect our lives and science in its developers cannot be separated from the ontology, epistemology and axiology of science itself.

So, another important question is whether every science that has developed so far has paid attention to its philosophical paradigm or has the process of its development been built on the philosophy of science? If this process is not carried out, it is feared that science is not an important part of our lives, but that it will become a commercial item and away from humanitarian principles.

Particularly, when scientists have a materialistic worldview, they will only be concerned with material and the spirit ignores the spiritual part of human beings. If, on the material side that becomes the focus of science development, then the chaos will occur everywhere, from life without tolerance, to skating, capitalists, wealth worshipers, and so on.

So, the big hope in the future is that in the development of science, we must pay attention to the two sides of every human being, namely material and spiritual.


Science is essential since it impacts most parts of regular daily existence, including food, vitality,medicine, transportation, recreation exercises and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Science enhances human life at each dimension, from individual solace to worldwide issues.

Regular utilizations of logical information, aside from the omnipresent innovation individuals continually use, are numerous and assorted. A comprehension of sun oriented radiation can keep an agonizing sunburn, a consciousness of latency is a piece of safe driving and a grip of number hypothesis and insights gets a good deal on lottery tickets.Beyond these person on foot applications, disguising the logical strategy as a consistently utilized mental apparatus jelly quiet when misrepresented wrongdoing measurements are cited on the news. The receptiveness to novel ideas energizes exploration and discovery, while the wary interest for proof helps shield its experts from corrupt individuals requesting cash, supports and votes.

Science additionally can comfort its disciples and advance great conduct. It was the advanced comprehension of hereditary qualities, for instance, that uncovered how firmly related all people truly are. Science has lifted up the human soul by instructing its understudies shrouded realities and moving accomplishments of technical genius....

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We would not be where we are today without science. Our whole society, our cities, our livelihood is based upon science. Without science we would not even have electricity to name only one example.


Science is the systematic process of making enquiry about the world, the world will be uncivilized without science, so many technologies have been built all due to science, those things that makes work easier for us to do as product of science.

The blockchain also is in existence cos of science so science is really very important and can't be do without in this modernized age


The important of science in our lives can not be denied. We have seen the numerous benefits science have brought to our lives, then we can see that we can not be grateful for science enough.

Many important science have bought to our lives. Science have help us to prevent many sickness that may have claimed many lives. And now with the arrival of science, there are now drugs for sickness that without science, it may have claimed many life's.

Apart from that, the arrival of technology in this present world also can not be denied as it has bought more easy method to what seems to be tough before.

Generally the important of science can not be denied.