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How long on the average does it really take for someone to be able to finally say I had moved on from a bad relationship?
The reason I ask, I know someone who had been in such a situation for a year now and everyone around is getting affected by her mood. No amount of clarification, advice, or time really helped this person move forward.

I cannot really say there is a time frame for someone to fully get over someone they truly care about and love.

For most people, it depends on the amount of love they have for the other person that determines how long they can move on, how long they can easily let go of a bad relationship.

For example, my very first relationship which lasted for a while, after we broke up, it took me months, several months to recover from it. Even till this day, I remember him and some silly times, I wish we were together.

But another relationship that I got into along the line, after we broke up the first day, the next two days, I was well over it.

When I sat back to think about it, I realized that I hadn't loved the second one as much as I loved the first one which was why it was pretty easy to get over the second one than it was to get over the first.

Now for this lady who hasn't gotten over someone for a year now, if you ask me, that's quite alarming because the guy may have probably moved on, so why torture yourself that much?

Depending on what led to the breakup between them, it is obvious that she is still in love with him and if that is the case, she should find out if he has moved on and if he has, then she should too.

I know it's not easy, but maybe, see a therapist.


Well to my own understanding, moving on from a bad relationship is not about time but its about what have changed after the break-up. A person might leave a relationship for as long as possible and still be affected by what happened in the relationship. Even if the person move on into another relationship, its not a guarantee that the person have moved on from the previous relationship because the person can still be acting based on the effect of the previous relationship in the new relationship. To that your friend who haven't moved on from her bad relationship, please don't stay far from her, always talk to her and give her life examples to learn from. Its not an easy thing to move on from been betrayed you just have to stand by her no matter what and always encourage her.


Moving on from a bad or an unhealthy relationship is not the easiest of thing especially if you really want to make it work and there is no standard number of days or period for one to decide to move on.

Moving on basically is a function of "how fatal" it is. In essence, it depends on the level of hurt caused or suffered.

The level of hurt a bad relationship causes could be determined by various factors, ranging from the efforts devoted into the relationship, the sacrifices, the amount of time, the compromises, just to mention a few.

So, moving on from a bad relationship can only be treated situation-by-situation wise.

That said, it is however not advisable to stay in a bad relationship no matter how small. If it's not working, make efforts to reconcile the differences.

If it's a relationship you really want, intensify efforts to make things work. But, if after all possible and necessary efforts have been exhausted, LEAVE. DON'T DIE IN IT.

The relationship that'd work is just behind the door, waiting for you.


Only they can give that call. Understand that the problem may also lie in the ones giving her console. Perhaps the advise being given mentions of her being quiet or ignoring what she feels and move forward. There's no room for grieving over what is lost when giving that advice. The better option is to have that person voice out as much as she wants about the loss until she gets fed up about it. Each person moves forward on their own pace. Some may take decades to be free. But most recover faster if they found reason to move on within themselves. It's not something you can just teach to someone. It's something someone has to learn from themselves when is enough. 


It takes time for such a person to heal and move on. Some people may be able to move on quickly than others. It depends on how the person is willing to let go and how much effect the person got from such a bad relationship

As for your friend I will advise her to see a counselor/psychologist, talking to a professional do helps and you guys should try to be there for her even though she might piss you off most times


It actually depends on the nature and experience of such person though. We all differ in certain ways most especially when those who claim to love us break up with us. We show different attitudes depending on the type of person we are.

Experience also plays a great role when it comes to this kind of situation. You can't expect the duration or time period of someone who is in love for the first time to be the same with someone who has already experienced different break up from their loved ones. It is observed that someone new into relationship will surely take longer time than someone who already had the experience.

Also the duration of the relationship also matters a lot because longer time relationships may be so difficult to overcome easily after break up compared to shorter duration relationships.

In conclusion, it actually depends on the individual involved, the number of experience and the duration of the relationship.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.