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If You Could Introduce Regulations into Steem, What Would It Be?
By Regulations I mean: We are a community that can actually act just like a country. So I'm doing this taught experiment to learn a thing or two on how to manage a big community with too many freedoms. I will just give an example: Like the tag meme would have an automatic max payout of x $ That would save $ from the reward pool and prevent spammers to even be able to upvote that high in the first place. And as a punishment, if a post reaches its max the rest is still used but burned. A win for the whole community with a simple "regulation" We all have different opinions but we know that when people get together and vote great things can happen. And steem is already full with people from all over the world. I would love to start a conversation about this. Hit me with your answers. I will upvote the best answers(up to 5).

I wouldn't suggest anymore rule or regulation to the platform since it is built with the intention of freedom to its users. In the case, that this platform will impose regulations then it will need regulatory body to basically run everything. If we do this then I don't see the point of developing a blockchain through smart contracts that basically impose the conditions of any actions or transactions within the platform.

I would say that the platform is at its best at the moment and no further regulations or conditions required.


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We do not need regulation, it is against the spirit of decentralization and we can not run a community just like a country, but we can restore the democratic spirit in steem community in a much better way.

In the setting up of a framework for various issues, ย steemit Inc along with witnesses should involve the community members openly and that will definitely make an inclusive framework and that will make the community bonding much stronger than what it is now. You may say that this sort of thing will again lead to manipulation. I will say yes, but there are ways to tackle this kind of situations. But fearing that and not involving community members will neither keep the decentralization intact nor this community can be like a cohesive community.

There are many issues...like shit posts are rallying to the trending page with the bot abuse, there is still room to improve optimization and scalability of the network and we need the sync of DApps in a much better way and many other issues also. These issues can be addressed by inviting for giving feedback from the community members, we can set different parameters to weigh of those feedback, but at least we should get started with taking feedback from the people of this community and I think we are lagging in that area and that is the reason why we are not being able to retain the community members and this was the case previous years also and this year also. Every year people are joining, but we are not being able to retain those people and unless we do that we can not take the community forward.

We also need an interface where the people of this community can directly ask question to the witnesses and those questions must be recorded on blockchain and we also need a DApp exclusive for the people to witness communication. I am sure this will definitely help this community to reach a greater height and the people outside will also give much value when this sort of frame or DApp will be in place,

Thank you and Have a great day.

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One thing I would probably like to be regulated is the use of promotional upvote services or bidbots.

It's no hidden fact anymore that the majority of blog posts seen on Trending are only there because they used a bidbot. As a matter of fact I have seen countless of posts petitioning SteemitInc to just rename "Trending" to "Promotions" instead as the posts on Trending are clearly not trending because the majority of the community talks and likes the posts but is there because someone paid a bunch of money for a "somewhat advertisement" all the while trying to game the system a "little" bit.

If you look at how much upvotes from bidbots are compared to the rest of the people who contributed to their posts, then you will see the image below. Most of the blog posts on Trending are boosted by at least 93%-99% by a bidbot. Woah! Not at all shocking! XD

And this is what I want to be regulated. I would want a limitation as to how much these guys can get from all bidbots combined. I say only a maximum $25 upvote ?!

The main purpose of these services anyway was to give authors some sort of extra visibility on the platform. A $5 upvote even guarantees you a spot on Hot and even Trending on some not-so-popular tags/categories, surely $25 is enough to give one blog post visibility.

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@Kalif, In my opinion, if i want to change something or want to bring some change then for sure that will going to be the Downvoting part, means, if somebody wants to Downvote then without putting the description they should not because, due to freewill of the Downvoting many use it for the false actions and when these actions are faced by the small content creators then it sometimes it can push them to leave too and it's not good for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. ๐Ÿ™‚


Plagiarism wouldn't be rewarded. We already have enough struggling artists out there that create content first in the blockchain before sharing it on their own sites. But these people get undervalue and people that just copy paste art works do get rewards without doing anything. I would encourage people to flag plagiarized posts because they don't add value to steem and just harms content creators that do give value to the blockchain.ย ย 


The two regulations that I'll impose on steem will be the banishment of bid bots or make the condition for owning and using a bid bot to be stiffer and also let views and interaction in a post to be used to determine posts that will appear on the trending pages instead of reward or payout


Oh I would regulate the shit out of the bid bots. Those things are the cancer growing in steemit that will for sure be the end of it.ย 

I would also put in some kind of community thing that you could punish self voting assholes if enough of the community voted to do so anonymously to avoid revenge flags from the abuser.