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Will someone die if they do not believe in any GOD?

The belief in a God isn't what causes a person to die. That would be like saying that if you don't believe in food poisoning, you can't get it. Or if you don't believe in car wrecks, you're safe from getting in them. 

If you're asking if the "lack of belief" will cause a person to die, them I think it's possible, but not probably. It's possible that someone believed in a certain God their whole life and then decided that their God wasn't real. The trauma could potentially cause them to give up on life and die. 

Theoretically, if they stopped believing in their god and it has power, the god could kill them, but there's no way to predict that. 

It's possible to live without consciously believing in any god, however, we all believe in a god of sorts. Even if we choose to believe that there is no god, we become god by stating that we're the decider. Money can be a god if that's what we pursue and "worship." Our possessions can also become a god. As can another person to whom we attribute too much of our affection, time, thoughts, admiration, and resources. 

tl;dr I think it would be difficult to definitively state there's a causality between "not believing in god" and "dying."



The fact that there are options (Gods in the plural) makes the belief in any deity already problematic, considering that all religions are sure their god is the real one and none can actually prove its existence with any level of certainty.

We’ll all die regardless, that’s a fact. What happens to us after is still subject to speculation. I think that people should be more concern with what they do (and how that affects people around them) while alive than what will happened to them in the afterlife, if there is any.

There used to be a time (although some would argue we still see those signs) when people would be stricken by lighting or eaten by fish if they denied or mock the existence of a given God. Those incidents (even if isolated) were told in countless narratives (the Spanish Conquistadores, as well as the Pilgrims had many) as evidence of the omnipresence and omnipotence of God.

I remember, after the horrific 7.0 earthquake that destroyed part of Haiti’s southern region and killed some 100,000 people in 2010, reading some religious leaders around the world saying that that was God’s punishment for their hideous voodoo practices. Of course, earthquakes also hit Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Taoist, Buddhist and other regions, but religious leaders would come up with some clever justification for these disasters, which most likely will involve disowning or disobeying a god, which explains why we have so many natural disasters: there is always a people going against some god, and therefore causing death!

 Interestingly, in response to the idea that God probably hates Haiti because of their official (pagan) religion, Haitian-American novelist Dimitry Elias Léger actually wrote a novel called God Loves Haiti



All will unfortunately die a physical death. Technically there are some that will be taken from the earth, before God pours out his wrath on this earth. It is commonly referred to as the rapture. 

The second death which will be spiritual will not be for everyone. Only those who have to pay for their sins will take part in the second death, Those that put their faith in Christ will not see the second death. And will receive a new glorified body that will never die and will live eternally.

Eternal life is a free gift to those that accept it unconditionally.

I hope this helps.


Yes, they will. Just like those who believe in a God.

The only certitude in life is that everyone dies at some point.

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One cannot die if he/she does not believe in God. The God I am referring to here is a the one who created us which is the capital letter 'God'. All other god's are inferior. Our Creator loves all humans equally.

No one dies if he does not believe in God because the God that created us is a patient and spirit being. He does not think like we humans, His ways are mysterious ways And he gives us a long opportunity for us to repent and serve him. He is aware that we are ignorant of the word. Because anyone who is not ignorant of God's word will tend to believe in him and work according to his word in the scriptures.

We are given a long opportunity by God to mend our ways and live a straight forward life.

Humans die because it is basic for humans to die and other humans are given birth to. 

My belief is that we die when God calls us. 


Yes, every living thing, including people, will eventually die whether they believe in a god or not.

I'm not sure how not believing in a god would prevent you from dying but boy all the Aethiests sure would be happy.

I bet their would be a lot of churches shutting down and losing members if that were true


Oh yeah. Death does not care about any beliefs you have. Everyone dies weather they are athiest, christian, muslim. Death is the one certinty in life.