What will you do if there is a ban on the Internet?
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I will go back to my previous hobby which is writing different short stories and reading novels offline...

I will organize a meeting to go for strike against internet ban😀

If there is a ban on the internet, it will hamper daily activity. The authority can block or ban internet for a specific period of time, it cannot be banned forever.

Whatever you want to do, you have to have internet access. For example, you are a student. You want to go to college and study. First you have to apply for college. And that has to be done on the internet. You can get admit card on the internet. You have to participate in the admission test. The admission result will be published on the internet. There is an option to choose your major and you have to do that on the internet. 

Finally, if you want to get admitted in the college, you have to fill up the admission form.  Again you have to fill the form on the internet. Now come to the admission fee. You have to pay your college admission fee online. 

Now after college if you want to go to university, you have to go through applying for the university,, getting admit card, admission result, filling up admission form and paying admission fee. And you have to do all these things online. Without internet, you cannot do that. By the way, 5 years ago it was not like this. 

Do you see how fast everything changes because of internet?

I am just talking about student life. If you think about your professional life, business, personal life, you can see how internet impacts on everything. Now if you talk about banning internet, you are talking about something that is not practical.

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I think thats when the world ends. Haha. Something scary to think about but on the other side of the spectrum, it has made us reliant on it that the new generation that is born can not live without the internet at all. It would be really hard to imagine having an internet ban in any country. It would slow down the growth of the country as nowadays the internet is really important in all aspects of life.

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I am not really worried about a ban on the internet because since the very beginning the whole concept of the internet was that it would be impossible for it to be shut down by something like World War III.

If the United States couldn't stop alcohol during prohibition I seriously doubt any government could ever successfully ban the internet. The fact that IoT/IoE is now making it so that the most modern home appliances are relying on sending data packets through the internet a ban might be as unfeasible as it would be impossible.

What I am afraid of though is banning certain types of though or speech on the internet. Things like losing websites or being denied domain registration if ICANN one day decided to make new rules restricting freedom of expression.

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I think I need to travel and migrate to a different place that has internet access on it. It's not that internet is part of my life but the reality is you learn a lot with just a single click-enter-watch-read. Everything is in the internet and my personal growth will never be as high as this without the power of internet. It interconnects communities, people, ideas, nations, and everything bound into a single place.

It will be very difficult for a country to ban internet not unless dictatorship and slavery will come. I am guessing no nation is as cruel as banning the internet because almost all information can be seen there.

To sum up, I think I need to find a place that doesn't ban it. In short, I will migrate.

There will not be a ban on the Internet. All developed societies are too dependent on it because it is the backbone of their information infrastructure. Shutting down the Internet would mean shutting down government and businesses.  If it happened owing to some very big crisis such as a full-scale military invasion, I would sit down huddled in a bunker like everybody else.

I don't know if I'll be able to survive it. As @valth has said, it will probably make me move from the country. Banning the internet will be counter-productive. It will kill growth and see the economic plunge further down.

Maybe such governments overlooks the importance of the internet. In my country for example where unemployment rate keeps increasing, its important for many o us youths to find something to do on the internet. We've learnt to do things, offer services that people pay for and then it's in our economy that we spend the money on. We're actually doing the country good. No sane government would enact laws that would cripple their economy.

That said, if it does happen, it will make me look at doing some physical business. The issue though will be with capital. Yet, there's such a thing a starting small. Little by little, I will do my best to scale up till I begin to earn something tangible. I however hope it doesn't happen.

I will keep spending more time with my family and I will begin to get involved in a lot of outdoor meetings just to have fun and get to stay happy...

If there is a ban on the internet, it will be definitely difficult because if my net pack gets over till I recharge it again I will feel some thing is missing. Most of the new generation people have been addicted to internet. There will be many disadvantages if there is no internet we cannot contact or see our friends and relatives in abroad, all the train or bus bookings are done easily without standing in que through online whenever we have doubts about anything and everything we as google if there is ban on internet I cant even image who will I ask all my silly or tough questions and also we wont have website called steemit. O

n the other side if u see the positive things then the first thing will be like we will give respect to people before us rather than someone far away. We will have time for our personal life which avoids depression and stress. Absence of internet will also reduces the chances of various health problems. We will depend on people and make good relationship rather than living with artificial thing.

Move to somewhere where there is no ban. There's no way I would accept that from a government.