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What is the fastest way to get instagram likes and followers?

First you have to make your profile appealing by posting interesting pictures etc. Try to be consistent and use hashtags.

Then download the program called "gramblr" , it's 100% free to use. It will automatically like pictures from people that post with hashtags that you follow. You can also use gramblr to make people upvote your pictures (and gain followers). 

It's not that hard to gain followers and likes with the aid of gramblr. You should be able to get at least >1000 followers in 6 months. 


Instagram followers are not so difficult to get, unlike twitter however if you rely on the natural methods of posting pictures which are quite beautiful and amazing and also captivating your instagram followers are bound to increase with time. However since you asked how to gets likes and followers I'll give you answers based on my three years of being on instagram.

The first step will be to use related and popular tags on images and videos; instagram works like magic and the power of tags is more than amazing. For example you post a workout image or you post a travel image or video, make sure to use tags like #travel #workout #tour then when you do, you can also check out popular tags related to your uploaded activity by looking for tag suggestions in the tag section. Tags will attract users and users will follow you and follows will attract likes however the only way to maintain this is for you to be consistent with your contents.

Tagging popular celebrities on very creative content related to them; if you're doing a comic content and it's very good and creative make sure to always tag popular instagram celebrities related to the niche there is a 32% chance that these celebrities you tagged will see it because others may tag them and your own notification may be lost in their feed. but that's not where the magic is. The magic is in the fact that these celebrity may have 2 million followers and out of the followers there are people who are not even popular among the celebrity's followers list and these people will get your video and they can make your dreams come true.

Build a profile and a niche; This is very important, you can't afford inconsistencies if you want to get likes and followers be captivating, stand out, reply your comments, use emojis make sure you build your profile interphase this will make you look professional if you're for example a make up artist. Another things is don't just be on instagram to upload pictures carve a niche so that people will have a reason to follow and like your content.


Pay out the ass.

Or generate content and promote effectively in a way that it goes viral.


Hello friends, everyone

I want to answer your question from the second side, the fastest way to get lots of followers on Instagram ...

the quickest way is as we know that on Instagram there are now services from third parties or parties that help us to get many followers in an easy way which is paying them to add thousands and even tens of thousands of followers to our Instagram account so that's It seems and everyone will agree with me that it is the fastest way to increase our followers so we just have to pay for it and we wait, maybe maybe an hour or two after we pay for our Instagram account we will get tens of thousands of new followers and that's already proven by many parties or people who do this to promote goods or carry out sales through Instagram social media.

the way we can easily find everything on social media on Facebook from the internet we can find out which party can shape us to pay so that our followers increase please try to make sure it works really, really fast.

then one more to get likes that ask a lot of Instagram, yes, for sure, that we display useful quality content, dance and can be consumed by all parties, we also complete Instagram account with various important info, so people will like our Instagram account that is made turn off making our posts much liked or liked by Instagram users.

and it feels like it's going to be very fast for that, let's try it please.

Thank you to all my friends, I hope we all succeed always.


Post great pictures, especially in the lifestyle genre, and interact (like, comment, follow) a lot with other people, preferably people who are active in the same genre as you are.


Buying them is the fastest way. There are many sites out there that you can pay for as many or as few likes and followers as you can afford. 

Its a very fake and dishonest thing to do but there is sadly a whole cottage industry built up around such scammy and scummy behaviour. 

Its also possible to get lots of accounts on Steemit and buy upvotes and try and cheat the system too, but you already know that, dont you ?