What is Musing?
I knew about using today but I wonder what it is. I would appreciate it if you let me know more. ex) what is it to upload and what is to be rewarded?

Musing is a decentralized application on the top of steem blockchain which offers a Q&A platform where one can ask question and others can respond to that question if they know about the question asked here. Both the type of users(asking question and asnwering questions) will be rewarded but there is a framework and/or guidelines of musing and based upon that it is curated by musing.

From your question,  it feels like, you are interested to know posting guidelines of musing. So here it is.

 Post Guidelines

  • What makes a good quality question? 
    • Starts with who, what when, where why rather than “bitcoin good?”
    • Has proper grammar, spelling punctuation
    • Is clear and specific enough to garner a mutual understanding between the asker and responder. 
    • Be respectful in your questions, do not make assumptions about race, religion, sex etc..
    • Use the search feature and make sure your question has not already been answered.  
    • Questions can be about anything you want to know! 
  • What makes a good quality answer
    • Good quality answers grab the attention of the reader without being spammy or click-baity
    • Answer the question that has been asked. Refrain from going off on a tangent unless it provides clarity or an example supporting the answer. 
    • Provide insight and support to opinion based questions 
    • Formatting should be neat and help guide the reader through the answer
    • Quality answers do not have a minimum length, but providing insight and elaboration to a “yes/no” answer can be much more helpful.
    • Images, quotes and excerpts from outside sources can enhance the answer but be sure to give credit where due. 
    • Be original!

Reference:- To know more details about musing guidelines, please follow this link


Thank you and Have a great day.


It depends on which musing you are referring to. Musing is a period of reflection for an individual and as for musing.io, it is from my understanding is a plug in to the steemit platform via steem connect where various questions are asked by random people and are equally answered as well.