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How trustable are the online storages? Do you know a few good ones and also cheap or free ones?
I used dropbox but there were some sync issues so i need to change my online storage. I read some articles but experince is more valuable forme so please write your experiences

Being totally and clearly honest, it is difficult to trust any storage service, but knowing that all are subject to regulations established by the countries where their main servers are, and if we do not remember what happened with Megaupload at the time.

However with the growing inclusion of decentralized technology I have been able to trust a little more and in fact I have personally relegated many of my files to a decentralized storage system that has been extremely useful to me. 

It is called Sia and works similar to google drive and dropbox allowing us to store a large amount of files in a system made up of multiple nodes in a blockchain. The advantage of this type of storage is that the speed of loading and downloading is extremely fast and that in general our data are safe to be distributed in thousands of blocks (something like RAID storage).

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