How can you protect your motivation while working in the workplace?
When you are busy with long hours, your motivation will decrease gradually. I would like to share with friends who know the healthy methods of protecting it.

This is a good question and I'll attempt to answer it from two angles. First, from the employer's angle.

You must understand that employees are very important to the success of any business endeavour. It's their contribution that brings collective success at the end of the business day, year, whatever you call it. There are certain things you have to do to keep them motivated.

First, you should be able to let them know that their efforts are not going without notice. Let them know how they've performed in their given tasks as often as possible. It's not out of place to praise your employees from time to time. A praise report in the presence of other employees would go lengths to boost the morale of a worker and also provide impetus to work harder on the parts of other employees.

Also, you should give constructive criticism where necessary as this would challenge your employee(s) to put in more effort and produce better results.

Secondly, let your workers in on what's happening in the business. It would help if your workers know the situation of the company and that they can help. Employees are motivated when they feel they are actually seen as valuable as to know what's really going on rather than as instruments, pawns in the game.

Thirdly, provide room for employees to make contributions and suggestions. It would go a long way to motivate workers when they know that their inputs are considered valuable.

Many employers are not aware that some of the best suggestions can come from workers who may see things the way executives and managers may not.

Lastly, in this regard, provide incentives for your workers after certain milestones. This could be in form of promotion, holidays or cash. This shouldn't be too often though but just enough to know their efforts are appreciated.

All of these when done correctly would keep your workers motivated.

Then, on the part of the employee, to stay motivated requires some things to be done. Your mindset has to be properly tuned.

First, you've got to like your job and keep on the table the things that motivates you. There's bound to be those things in your job that brings you joy and those that do not. You want to focus on the things that keeps you motivated. Is it the thrill of meeting new customers, or the idea of working with a team? Let these things always be in your mind. It will help to keep you motivated.

Secondly, set goals for yourself and try to achieve them. It's known that goals are serious motivators. The reason why you may not feel motivated is probably because there are no goals to achieve. Even if the job is something that you repeat over and over again, setting new goals could help you stay motivated. Like, trying to best your previous record. Can you get it done faster? Can it be more accurate? These would motivate you into continuing the work.

Thirdly, improve on your relationship with other members of your team. Your work may become boring and unexciting when you isolate yourself from your colleagues. Get to know them some more and have some fun moments with them. It could go far towards keep you motivated. You could even decide to form some sort of club after work, so you always look to get your job done with the view of spending some time with your colleagues later.

Lastly, try and incorporate the things you enjoy into your work. Your work and personal life doesn't always have to be separate. You could meet your employer and ask that your work should reflect things you enjoy doing. Maybe you enjoy meeting new people or analysing samples, just let your employer know and he may help provide a better work schedule for you.

I hope this helps.


Think of motivation as your resource credit. You tend to use it on daily basis and it also needs time to recharge.

We have to constantly seek motivation through our thoughts (self-motivation), through book and videos, and the people around us.

Motivation is like a resource and can be exhausted. That's why it is important for one to constantly seek it.

If you're working on a project and you need to stay motivated then ask yourself this very important question :

Why am I doing this?

If you have a strong reason it can be all the motivation you need to do and giving your very best..


I feel for one to keep his or her motivation at work place, he must give himself reasons beyond human / people's unhealthy and negative criticism why he does what he does. Despite the fact that one might have many reasons why he or she does what he does of which some are criticism prone, one must have other reason beyond human criticism to stay motivated.

Another way to stay motivated is to constantly remind oneself why he or she does what he does so as to stay stared up with his or her goals or vision at work place. If is in a work place for money, then let that focus come to his or her heart at all time. If to achieve a particular goal, then he or she must remind him or herself constantly of it.

Another way to stay motivated is to always find new challenge. When one goal is achieved, then a new one ought to be set and pursued. Really in life, when their is no goal or target, on can scarcely stay motivated.


When I was working long factory hours, maintaining a healthy diet, as well as regular exercise was the best remedy for maintaining higher energy levels. 

Some people like to drink those syrupy energy drinks, but those are unhealthy, and will leave you feeling tweaked out or even more groggy.

It is not easy to do this, and the best time for exercise, is either early in the morning, or late at night. If you have weight problems, go with night, because it boosts your body's metabolic rate, when it would be naturally slowing down for sleep. 

I hope this advice helps, it's the best I'm equipped to give you, from my own experience. 


To keep my motivation up, I look for quick wins!

Quick wins are small things I can do, and finish (very important!), in a very short period of time, like 2 or 5 minutes or so. 

Doing those quick wins, will get your mind switch to a positive mindset of accomplishment, and the pleasure that comes with that. And it will make you want to accomplish more.

Et voila, before you know it, your unproductive moment has turned into a productive one,a nd your motivation stays up! ;-)