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Do you agree that musing.io should create a feature that will enable someone to earn upvotes through points on this platform?

No, I don't agree that Musing.io should crete that feature.

First off, who will award the points? Is it still the manual curators? If that's the case, then you are just adding an extra unnecessary step in everyone's workflow. Instead of the current: 1) User writes a question or answer; 2) Manual curators review the question or answer, and 3) Musing.io rewards the quality questions and answers with an upvote. You will just be adding a step between steps 3 and 4, which is "Manual curators award points to quality questions and answers". 

This just creates an additional requirement that adds unnecessary friction. So, instead of just rewarding upvotes, Musing.io will have to reward points as well, and then reward upvotes. 

On the other hand, if the points are going to be earned through community upvotes just like in the Steemit interface, then you are essentially undermining the manual curation, which is what sets Musing.io apart from the rest of the Steemit platform. This will then result to Musing.io being plagued by the same "trending page" issues of the Steemit platform. 

Of course, it is an entirely different thing if you are thinking about tokenizing Musing.io with an SMT. Because this way, manual curation could still be employed with the only difference being that rewards are given not as upvotes but as tokens. And users won't have to worry about anything else other than writing quality answers and questions. 


As much as I love to agree and support this suggestion, I think this would just stretch out @musing's Voting Power and would make some good contents (answers) on the platform left unnoticed and un-loved.  XD

This suggestion however should not easily be dismissed as giving additional incentives would likely attract more people to the platform (we need more active and genuine people here) and might encourage many to stick and stay with Musing for a long time.

My over-the-top suggestion would be something like a point-system. Like if Musing gives you a 1% upvote weight one will also receive 1 Musing Point. I think that would ensure that all that points given goes to quality authors.

Musing Points can then be converted to say, liquid Steem (I told you it's over-the-top suggestion lol). Like 100 Musing Points = 1 liquid Steem or something or at least until Musing's SMT token is released. XD

For this suggestion, Musing would only just allot 10 lilquid Steem daily (1000 points = 1000% = 10 full 100%). Quite affordable Musing team ha ha!


I agree giving additional incentives could attract more users to platform and would a benifit for the steem environment as well.