What is your opinion about fathers staying inside the delivery room during the birth of their children?
Do you think is a very good idea??do you think witnessing their wife giving birth is psychologically good for the marriage??

Not only was I  in the room for the birth of both of my children, I actually caught both of them! These were two of the most memorable and transformative experiences of my life! There's a biological benefit to being as involved in the process as possible, the ocytocin gets flowing and you fall madly in love with this new person who you are stuck with for the rest of your life! :D

To further answer your question, the experience was incredibly positive on my relationship with my wife pretty much from conception to postpartum I took and active role in caring for her from foot rubs to rubbing oil on her belly to help prevent stretch marks (It worked!). I have to tell you that I have never see the look in my wife's eyes that she had on both of those days. She transformed from a dainty little thing into an absolute BEAST with unstoppable determination—I was, and remain in awe of the entire process.

Hope this is helpful!


I know it is a good idea because i am a nurse and i have seen Fathers shedding tears at witnessing the delivery of the child.

Pregnancy is a period in a woman's life that is not easy for any woman and right up to delivery of the baby, these mothers need support all the way. Many men too fail to realise just how painful the birth process is and the agony their wives go through in that delivery room. So, putting them there ebables them to see what is involved and this has made so many men respect and love their wives even more.

Also, the primary reason the men is to give psychological support to their wives. They know just the right words to say to give strength to their wives and that really helps to calm some aggitating women during the birth process. Some of them become so frustrated and vexed that nothing the midwife says matters and they even resort to disobeying the orders of the midwife. In such cases, you need to be there to see their husbands play the magic with words of pampering and petting.

Some men also at first resist family planning no matter how you explain the risks involved for a woman having multiple children or so but many of them have been forced to change their minds after witnessing just one delivery.

So i will say the act should be encouraged. The truth is, many men who have witnessed the delivery of a baby at one time have been changed in more positive ways than you can imagine. Some have stopped hitting their wives, they now give their wives a lot of respect and appreciate them, it has changed their thoughts on family planning, it has brought the family even closer and strengthen their bond.

So i will say this activity should be encouraged. Plus it is so hilarious seeing some of the men pass out at the sight of a delivery. Hahahhahhaa.


I believe that it is a good thing which would make men to respect their wives more because the experience would make them to understand what women go through during delivery....


I think it's something that should be encouraged. A pregnancy shouldn't be a one sided journey and the man involved should be part of that journey from start to finish. I feel that men should be allowed to remain in the delivery room because the woman will need moral support and if her husband/baby's father is there then he can serve as that support.

No woman should have to go into labour without the person that she started her pregnancy journey with and I feel this is something that a lot of people believe in too.


It is an extremely close to home, enthusiastic and shocking knowledge. I think ladies, at first, value their accomplice not seeing their torment and their privates in such a state. In the meantime, having the help of your life partner amid the greatest preliminary of your life, entering this unique obligation of parenthood in the meantime are probably the most vital reasons the dad ought to be there. At last, with regards to the recuperation time frame for the lady's body, she needs her man to SYMPATHIZE. A few dads anticipate that the mother will lead the pack and do everything. A few dads are grinding away throughout the day and hope to get back home and unwind. A few dads need to return to a similar level of closeness that made the youngster immediately. When you have seen your significant other endure one of the best torments known to mankind, tear up her woman parts or potentially stomach, ideally you will be more strong, lead the pack in thinking about the new infant, setting aside a few minutes to rest, recoup, and shower warily. She as of now has excruciating nursing sessions, agonizing privates, lack of sleep, and postnatal anxiety to anticipate. She can utilize all the help she can get, and if seeing the birth spurs you to encourage more, at that point be there. It is alright to not go to the birth, but rather ensure that she has enthusiastic and physical help amid and long after it. On the off chance that you don't go, remember the sum total of what she has experienced and attempt to bond with her and the child in different ways


I did it with both of my kids. It was a great expierience and I got to bond with my kids right away. I would say 100% do it.


I was in the delivery room during the birth of my daughter. I don't think it made much difference in terms my marriage. But the sight of my daughter immediately after birth was unforgettable. Even the midwife said she looked cute! 


This is a topic that i am happy to discuss about because it is a great idea which i support,i have seen some many that were inside the delivery room when their wife is

about to give birth to their child,i notice that men who experience such event tend to become more caring

and loving after the event because witnessing the event made them to realize the huge pains women go through just to give birth to a child especially the pains that their wife went through just to give birth to the child

and that makes the man respect the woman more and appreciate her effort more and better...secondly the idea of men staying inside delivery room is also a good

idea because it will enable the man to be able to give some emotional support to his wife which could make her become stronger when she is about to give birth,,a

woman seeing a man she loves around her can make her get very encouraged and stronger and that could also help the child delivery process...