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Is marijuana legal in some countries?

Yes,it is legalised in some countries.

Canada is the first industrialized country to legalised marijuana,four states in the US has also legalised and four is about to.

If cigarette and tobacco, a slow poison, is legal around the world then why not marijuana that provides so many benefits to human not only in improving the health but also the economy of the country. Besides a lot of health benefits, cannabis consumption reduces crime to 15% and murder to 50% in Colorado.

On the other hand, if the country law allows coffee consumption then why not cannabis. Coffee contains caffeine, world’s second most popular psychoactive substance after sugar. Consuming caffeine makes one addicted to its use whereas cannabis although containing THC, a psychoactive compound, is far much better than coffee as it is found to be one of the sources of medicine because of the presence of hundred of cannabinoid and terpenes that are non-toxic and medically active and does not lead to its addiction.

Cannabis also plays important role in making money and results in growth of the country at 

Because, after good research and analysis they’ve found that It is just a herb.


Yes it certainly is.

Currently, it's on the way to full legalization here in Canada.

Whether or not that is a good thing will remain to be seen.

I'm not pro-or anti anything as I truly believe that each and every person, is going to do whatever it is they are going to do in this life, regardless of whether or not it is "legal".

I know many that used to smoke recreationally, who now, no longer smoke.

I know some who would never have touched THC products that now do, even before it has been legalized completely.

Many of them were placed on Ritalin or SSri medications and have used these products to get off the prescription drugs that were, in the end, making them miserable and degrading their biology.

Will the economic boost from the "legalized" recreational use of marijuana products do anything for us as a society here in Canada?

Only time will tell.

Personally, I will be getting a medical Rx for mine each and every time I decide I may want to have it in my life.

For the last three months, I have not used any because I have just not had the desire to.

But, changes in season change how our energy levels adjust and I may need a non-toxic dopamine boost from time to time.

So there is an answer from a Canadian who has been watching this process happen over the last few years and thinking it will be a good thing for many who, may have avoided it's use for medical reasons based on the fact that it was not "legal".

Maybe my own mother will break out a toke of indica and see if it will help with her ongoing insomnia.

Humanity is an ever learning-through-hindsight species and I am glad to be part of a time where we are being able to try things for ourselves and make up our own minds.

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