What can be done to stop spamming on steemit?
i noticed that there are many spammers on steemit and all they do is to steal contents from a website and post the content on steemit and it is really a problem that needs to be fixed on steem blockchain,how do you think the spamming can be stopped??

"Communities" development

The "Communities" development should hopefully help to remove spammers from the Steem blockchain, or at least reduce their influence.

Under the "Communities" initiative groups of users will be able to set up their own sub-spaces and will have control over the posting within that space.  There will be two types of Community:

  • Communities where anyone can post, but where the founders / moderators can subsequently hide posts from view.
  • Communities where only certain authors can post.

This could bring a new kind of moderation, under which spammers are simply denied the opportunity to post within a particular group by the founders and moderators of the group. 

Alternatively, for more open groups, spammer comments could simply be removed from view. No doubt there will be bots created that remove the list of known spammers as soon as their comments are created. While this brings censorship within the group, the comments will still be visible on the main steemit feed. It's just that no-one will read them there.


The current method to remove spammers is to report them to Steemcleaners. The central Steemit team has delegated a huge amount of Steem Power to this team and their role is to educate and ultimately downvote spammers.

Downvoting spammers ensures that they receive no rewards and their comments are hidden from view. This should remove the incentive for future spamming.

Bandwidth restrictions and SP

Spammers who use the Steem account set-up also face having their delegated SP removed which in turn can reduce their available bandwidth to the point that they can no longer post in volume. It will be interesting to see how this defence develops under the new Resource Credit system for managing bandwidth that is to be introduced under HF20.



Nothing can be done to prevent spamming the Steem blockchain. I think the question you meant to ask is *”What can be done to stop showing the spam submitted to the Steem blockchain on the different interfaces ”*.

There are many solutions such as flagging/downvoting, reporting plagiarism to @steemcleaners. @cheetah scans content for plagiarism as well and posts a comment below the post, when too flagrant then Cheetah will flag the post which may result in blacklisting by @steemcleaners.

A more recent option is @steem-UA, which aims to classify/score every account on User Authority level. UA meaning on ‘account credibility’. You could compare this to the older version of Klopp if you’ve heard of that platform, with a spin of Google Domain Authority thrown in it as well.

But at the core of everything is the Steem blockchain and the steem blockchain is an immutable censorship resilient blockchain which has no content filters whatsoever.


To stop spamming, you can flag the user comments that have exhibited spamming activity. As more and more people flag that spammer, it will show a negative upvote (or downvote). If this keeps happening, that spammer's Reputation Score will go below the normal range of numbers. 

The Reputation Score is basically the number in bracket right next to your Steemit username. When dealing with users here, that's a good reflection of how reliable they are, and how engaged that user is with the Steemit community. 

You can also leave negative comments calling out the spammer and to request him to stop. As a community, if the bloggers and curators work together, spamming in Steemit can be kept to an absolute minimum. It can be truly eliminated completely because new spammers will continuously join the webstei. But, a healthy community will keep those spammers at bay!