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How to convert byteballs to steem?

Although another answer has provided a list of exchanges, I will provide how I changed some of my Byteball to Steem. There are likely other ways, but here's how I did it. 

The exchange which I used was Bittrex.com, you can look through my Steem history if you wish to confirm this. The process is quite simple. Here's a step by step guide:

1. Get an account and Bittrex

2. First, you will you need to send your Byteball otherwise known as GBYTE on the exchange to your Bittrex wallet, to do this you will want to click on wallets within the top navigation. After clicking on wallets you will then want to search for "GBYTE", it will look like this:

3. Following this you want to click on the green arrow to transfer the GBYTE to Bittrex, once you have a Bittrex wallet address you will want to go to you Byteball wallet and transfer the amount you wish to trade to your Bittrex wallet. Once transffered it will take a short amount of time for them to appear. If you wish to test it out first, just send a small amount. 

4. Next, you will need to convert your Byteballs to Bitcoin, this is because there is not a direct GBYTE to BTC trading pair. In order to do this, you will want to click on markets and then locate the BTC markets. Search GBYTE. It will looks like this:

5. Enter the BTC/GBYTE exchange page and scroll down, you will see that you're presented with the options to buy and sell. With here you should trade your GBYTE to BTC. When traded you will now have BTC within your wallet. The area of the page you will complete this on is shown below:

6. Now you have BTC, you will want to trade this to Steem, you can do this by finding STEEM within the BTC markets, complete the same process as mentioned above to buy STEEM with your BTC. 

7. Once complete go to your wallet and you will be able to see your STEEM is now available, from here you will now want to withdraw your STEEM to your Steem account, you can do this by clicking on the red circle with an arrow for withdrawing. Complete the fields presented, confirm you withdrawal and you Steem will be sent to your account. 


Byteball is tradable on Bittrex, Upbit and Cryptopia. Steem is tradable on quite a number of exchanges including Bittrex, Binance, Upbit and Huobi.

Hence, the easiest way to convert Byteball to Steem will be thru either Bittrex or Upbit. You will need to have an account either of those platforms. The general steps will be as such,

- Deposit Byteball to exchange

- Sell Byteball to BTC

- Buy Steem with BTC

- Withdraw Steem to your account

That being said, I am running a service for all Steemians to help them convert Byteball to Steem. You can refer to the following link,


This is a hassle free solution for those who do not have an account on Bittrex or Upbit. So far, Ihave converted Byteball to Steem for more than 10 Steemians already. Do check it out if you are interested :)


I send my byteball to my bittrex account then when there i convert it to BTC and then to steem and send it to steemit and power up baby. 


you can do it easily and fast through some exchange here I leave the list of these


although from my point of view I recommend that you save them because byteball is a good project and has a long way to go