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What are the advantages of social media?

As a person from Kerala I am now fully aware of the power and advantages of social medias. Kerala experienced one of the deadliest flood a few weeks ago and are still in the process of recovering. People of Kerala will definitely say that social media has saved  thousands of life from washed away.

During the initial phase of flood:

When water started rising and people were stranded on the top floors of their house, they made use of 'live' feature and shared it on Facebook when all the electricity and phone cables were shut off. They also shared their exact location via google maps and Whatsapp. This made the rescue team to find them easier.Friends and relatives of the effected , even those who were abroad made use of social media to inform the rescue teams effectively as where to search. People shared and passed on the information about those who were in need of help.Keralites from across the globe co ordinated through social medias and operated call centers and prepared tracking sheets which played a huge role in rescue missions. Not just the common people even higher ranking officials have made use of social medias to share updates  and information related to the calamity

After flood:

Even now after the flood social media is being used for co ordinating relief works , raising funds, transporting and distributing food,medicines and in other volunteering works. They share information about where food and water is required urgently ,if doctors and medicines were required etc.  Many expert people have made posts about how to deal the aftermats of flood regarding health precautions to be taken, tips to clean the house etc are being still circulated.

People from all over India and other countries have come together to help us seeing those posts shared through various social medias. The response have been incredible.  In our case social media was a true boon.

Moving to other advantages:

* The development of social media have made the world more closer regardless of where you are at present in the world. In my case I am able to talk to my family who are miles apart from me now. Features like video and audio calling is a huge relief for people like me .Its also less costlier. I use the calling feature of Whatsapp to communicate with my family. Also I can share photos and other medias with them. Social media helps me to stay in touch with them always.

*Another important advantage is that people are able to exibit their talents and they get more exposure and opportunities .

*Now a days anyone who is interested can become a writer with the advent of blogging platforms like Steemit. But was it that simple in older days??

*Social media helps us to connect with other communities and people of similar interest.

*A lot of informative stuff can be made use to reach more people.

*Pages,communities,groups can be created for the growth of your business. 

*There are various non-profit organisations who shares their work and make people inspired.

*And for bonus you can do something extraordinary,go viral and then get famous in the nick of time ;)

Well social media is not about positives only. Every coin has two sides. But since the question was about the advantages hope the above point answers your question.


The benefits and advantages of using social media today cannot be separated from daily life. Today social media seems to have become an integral part of life. The following social media benefits in various fields, believe:

1. Social Media for socializing

social media The benefit of social media is certainly as the name implies that is to socialize. The name alone is social media, it's clear that its main function is as a medium to socialize between individuals.

Want to chat with friends whose house is far away without having to meet? Social media helps its users to socialize with others.

This socialization can be done anytime, anywhere, without time and space limits, but is limited to connections, signals and internet quota. Hehehe. This is the main goal of social media, and successfully siphon many users who want to socialize and communicate with their relatives.

2. Social Media Replaces the Function of Diary Books

The 80-90s generation must have been familiar with diary books. Yep, this book usually contains curses from the owner about his feelings. It can contain a sad curse, fall in love, or a pleasant surprise. Now, the diary function is now almost extinct, and can be replaced by social media. It's no secret that many social media users write their curses, such as complaining, sadness, falling in love and happy times. Because it's easy to use, social media is often the place for users to vent.

3. Social Media can bring Old Friends together.

There is still something to do with socializing, social media can sometimes lead us to meet old friends, childhood friends, lost contact business partners, and even meet siblings who are long separated. There were several incidents, in which two twin brothers whose lives were very far apart and did not know each other, were finally able to meet on social media.

4. Social Media Find new friends

This is one of the most interesting social media benefits. From the results of playing on social media, you can get new friends who might suit you. These new friends can be obtained from fad in using social media. Isn't it fun to get new friends, and add friendship?

5. As a media entertainer

Are you upset and dizzy with your life, or your work? take a moment to play on social media. You can find interesting things that entertain. Starting from funny stories, funny pictures, or interesting quote quotes that can make you relax and can forget about confusion and dizziness for a moment. If you are late, you can also find various interesting things that can entertain you on social media.


Oh, a nice question!!

I will start by giving the defnition of social media.

What is social media? Social media is known as a platform (websites and applications) which always enable users to (create) and (share) content or in another way to participate in social networking used all round the global world.

Social media is used by different users around the globe and it is use for many functions such as (chatting and meeting people) eg: facebook, twitter, whatsapp, telegram etc, (posting information and blogging) eg steemit, musing, medium etc.

The social media is involve with so many advantages which include:

* it helps users to conveniently stay in touch with their friends, family who live far away and even nearby.

* It helps in connecting with minded people, by expanding business contacts, and it is most times free.

* it also used in increasing awareness of both social and political issues and it involves demonstrations.

* It is used for meeting up with new friends across the global world.

* it is used for organization of meetings among group of people.

and lot more....

But i will also like to also give you the disadvantages of social media because no matter how something is reliable on it will surely have it effects which are:

Disadvantages of social media

*it mostly create a big possibilities of:




and some other privacy concerns.

Barrier of effective social media activities

* Electricity

* Unavailabilty of social media gadget

* Unavailability of network connectivity

Hope i have answered your question to some extent?

Thanks for reading!!



There are so many ways in which social media has changed our lives for the better, among them are:

  • The role and future of social media is to keep simple interactions easier between people. Friends who have lost contact can connect with each other and always stay in touch. I myself can find old friends and new friends who are far from my place. Can speak online with other people from various countries and can get to know their culture, language, and way of life. This is the best platform to get to know people from different traditions. Social media also has many privacy settings that help people categorize their friends or family. This media helps the person stay in contact with friends all the time and share together.
  • Children and adolescents will be motivated to learn to develop themselves through friends they meet online, because they interact and receive feedback from each other.
  • Communication at very low cost
  • Make money from social media like using online selling on Facebook, Twitter. It could also be to develop and promote their online store ideas for branding.
  • Various images and videos that can be seen to be an inspiration for making albums and videos, and posting them on your profile.
  • Social media can relieve stress because there are many online gaming on social media.

People from almost all countries are now familiar with social media. The use of information technology is increasing in the competitive world. So now people are reliant on social media for communication.

Facebook, Twitter, etc are one of the most preferred examples of social media. We use social media for almost everyone. But many people use it without understanding. Social media is a lot of work for those who understand it. In social media, we have many friends or fellower. Who can see our activity. 

Now come to the main point. There are many advantages of social media. 

1. We can introduce ourselves to social media. Many people will know about us. Especially for those who prefer publishing, social media is helpfull.

2. Those who want to do business, social media sites are the best way to do business. Now a day people want to shop online.

3. Many important news can be read or shared in social media, which helps others.


Advantages of social media:

Today Facebook is the second most populated nation on the planet and henceforth the biggest market you can ever discover anyplace at a solitary place.Hence the greatest favorable position is "Advertising".

You can think about whats occurring on the planet by following certain news channels or pages.

You can utilize it to convey certain campaings and make mindfulness among individuals for anything you feel like.

You can converse with various individuals from around the globe and know their way of life ; their method for living and spread your own particular culture the world over.

You can likewise utilize it as a wellspring of excitement by playing amusements, perusing sites or post or tweets.

Web based life additionally encourages you in associating with your companions and relatives.


Good benefits that can be obtained when spending time on social media.

1. Social media can save lives

Social media puts the world in the palm of your hand, because there are connections to many people around the world. Social media keeps you in touch with people who can help and be given help.

2. Very good tool

Social media is a tool that allows you to constantly know about anything to stay connected. For example, Twitter is used to view weather reports or random global news updates. Musing.io is already smart enough to offer some interesting things that are in line with the need to increase your insight.

3. Develop communication skills

How much do you read online every day? Almost everything you do is connected to the Internet and social media in several ways, including seeking information.

There are several examples of many who make hoaxes or fight each other. However, for the most part, people have learned how to express themselves in concise but informative statements.

4. Make Socializing

In addition to the benefits already outlined, social media allows us to connect with others with similar interests. Even so, users are still involved in their lives even when we are hundreds or thousands of miles apart. You might find yourself commenting on something shared from someone you don't know and getting a good conversation. Social Media allows people to connect with people and places that should be out of reach.

5. Social Media makes humans

"This is a virtual world." Many connections can be made through social media. Using platforms like Steemit, Musing, and Facebook has given you the tools needed to connect to friends, family, and even make new friends.

Social Media lets you see other cultures in the world. Social media gives access to current events outside the area of interest.

Social Media does get a bad reputation to make other people's lives look much better or give false information. If used correctly, social media can help you and in turn, this can expand your knowledge and perspective in the world.