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Why are people living in poverty ?

Poverty to an extent is mainly because of mismanagement. I agree that many people are born in poor families. I am from India and have seen the poorest of the poor. 

As a teenager, we used to go to an ashram in another state by train. When the train reached certain stations outside ours, small children, very poorly dressed and dirty to boot used to extend their hands for food packets. Seeing this, we used to give our food to them. The sight has not left my mind even now and I remember the poverty and how the kids missed education and had to beg for a living. 

To a large extent, many people are taught that it is okay to beg. That it is okay to live off others instead of working hard. the mindset should change. The youth should try to earn a living by learning skills and working instead of relying on government benefits alone. 

There are many success stories of people who have risen from the dust and made it big. Why not follow their lead.

If there is a willpower, a person can remove poverty. 

The attitude has to change. 

If there is a will to work hard and earn money and also save some of it, then poverty will vanish. Also, the person who feels he is poor should learn to manage his funds in such a way that he does not lose all of it. 

* do not gamble

* do not buy lottery tickets

* do not indulge in vices

* aim for bigger and better things

* envision your life in a better situation

* try to help others around you in a selfless manner

* never trust anyone with your money and papers


Let me say this as I always tell people ,people are poor because of their mindsets. You cannot help someone beyond the level of his thinking.

Poverty isn't just the absence of money, it is the inability of the mind to function as a problem solver. Poor people are first poor in their thinking before they are in their pockets, wallets or bank accounts.

you want tot help a poor man,the best solution is not to give him money , it is to help him have a change of mindset.

Poverty is a mindset just as prosperity is a mindset.

Poverty is never a thing of money but a thing of the mind,the difference between a rich man and a poor man is not money in quote but the mindset.

Until your mind is renewed, change from the inside, you will remain poor.

There are different ways to break out of poverty and one of them is right association; you can't keep associating with people of small minds and expect to think big, learn to associate with people that think big and have a large capacity.

And also in today's world, you simply can't afford to be financially illiterate. You have to understand how money works, and how the economics affect your net worth. The average poor person does not go into detail understanding about assets and liabilities and this is reflected in decision-making. 

So in other words you need to have knowledge on how to deal and handle money.


poverty sometimes is not self chosen but  we dont put in effort to eradicate this.. A family of 6 with no stable income will always struggle to make ends meet. Countries with low economy will be drenched in penury. Overpopulation, lack of education, diseases and also natural disaster are part of this reasons.

People still choose to live above their means and with this we cant eradicate poverty. Some of us will have the means of bettering our lives but will choose the wrong way. Unemployment is also killing our communities too much crowd less job. poverty will continue to be amidst us if we don't fight all this problem.


Blame the Illuminati


The Business analyst supposes it may be the manner in which we decide 'poverty”,'

They recommend we take a gander at utilization, as opposed to wage. On the off chance that somebody has everything given to them, lodging, utilities, nourishment, medicinal care, training, perhaps they truly are not 'poor'. The fact being, possibly the welfare programs have been effective, and not cash down a rodent opening. On the off chance that we simply give more individuals all the more free stuff, poverty can be stopped, until the point that the cash runs out...