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What are the tools to succeed in steemit?
A new Steemit user always faces difficulties to make his post profitable. It takes a lot of efforts to make the post visible so that other users may see and upvote it. Following things are needed to be successful on Steemit:
• Quality posts: quality contents are very essential to be successful here because plagiarism, spam, low quality contents are not welcomed by other users. They will outrightly ignore such posts or even may downvote the posts which will make them invisible. Don’t copy paste something from internet and dump on Steemit.
• Try to posts regularly. It will help you to be noticed by the community. Regular content creators have more chance to receive upvotes than those who post occasionally.
• Follow great content creators: A new user should follow quality content creators because it will give them the ideas of the posts which are highly appreciated and upvoted.
• Interact with follow steemians: Try to comment on other users’ posts. It will make you noticed. Also, your comment may receive upvotes, if the comment is nicely written and enhances the quality of the post. However, spam should not be dumped over as comments.
• Don’t upvote your own posts and comments: Most of the new users commit mistakes by self-voting. Self-voting is only helpful if one has enough Steem Power to make an impact. Otherwise, self-upvote will not make your post or comment profitable at all. Also, it reduces your chance to upvote other users’ posts and becomes detrimental for your growth as successful steemian.
• Don’t upvote if your voting power is less than 90% as it reduces the value of your vote.
• Buy steem and power up: If you want to make impact on this platform, you need to power up as much as possible for you. Generally, having 500 SP should be the primary target. It helps your upvote to be worth something profitable.
• Write posts on great Steem based apps like musing.io, busy.org, d.tube, dlive, etc. You may get upvote from them, if your post is worth it.
• Follow communities like @adsactly, @steemstem, @curie etc. They can help you grow on Steemit.
• Try to increase your reputation score as fast as possible. Normally, people like to see posts of the writers having decent reputation score. Hence, you should increase your reputation score. You can use bidbots to promote your posts. It will also increase your reputation score.
I hope it will help every new user.
We all want to succeed in Steemit. I think you should pay attention to the following tools to succeed in Steemit.

01. Quality Content
What I realized using steemit is that you have to make quality content to do better on Steemit. Content is the king. You have to focus on your content if you want to do something online successfully. Whatever you do online such as freelancing, branding, affiliate marketing, online marketing or building an online business, your content exposes that.

There is no alternative of quality content. If your content is really good, you can face any challenge and do something better in the long run.

02. Join Community and Help Others
There are many communities on Steemit. You can join their Discord channel. You can meet amazing people all over the world.

If you do something alone, you cannot go further. You have to help other and grow together. Making good relationship is the key to be happy in your personal life as well as professional life. So, interact with more people on steemit and Discord. Get to know each other. Help them to do better on Steemit.

You can help many people answering their question on musing. This is an awesome platform where you can ask any question and you will get the answer. Likewise, you can answer others question.

03. Participate in the Contest
You will see there are many contests on Steemit. You can participate in any contest. When you participate in any contest, you will get to know other contestants. This is an opportunity to make new friends. If you win, you will get the reward. The most important thing of joining the contest is that whether you win or not, you will learn something from the contest.

04. Keep learning
The moment you stop learning, you stop your journey to move forward. Steemit is a journey. If you want to move forward, you have to keep learning something new on a regular basis. No one is your competitor. Complete with yourself. Try to be better than you were yesterday. If you do that, you will see that you are doing pretty well on Steemit.

Hope this answers your question.
First, understand the basics of the platform and how things work. It seems simple enough: create content and get rewarded. But there are many nuances that often frustrate new users and send them away.

I've been developing a Beginner's Guide to Steemit that helps address many of these early concerns and topics on the platform. If you want to check it out, I've got links to all of the Steemit posts in one place if you'd like to check them out: https://ethandsmith.com/steemit.

I would also echo the other answers you've received on this question. Take the time to find a community to join. One of the best places to start is by heading over to @steemitramble and the Steemit Ramble Discord server (https://discord.gg/RHzuFQt). You can get connected with Steemians from all over the platform. There's even a live voice session twice on Thursdays where you can chat with other Steemians and find a good fit!

Also, please let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help you find success on Steemit. It takes a lot of hard work, but keep it up!
Joining communities!

Every single person I have brought on this platform, I have told them that they can't succeed if they don't have a community they are active on, and that supports them.

New communities need members if they wish to grow and members will surely need communities like that to help them grow as well.

It is all a symbiotic relationship. No parasiting here. That's why immediately I heard of Musing, I joined both the discord server and logged in on the platform to contribute my little quota.

And I think since I came in, I have done a good job. I believe @jonching will agree with me.
You should join discord and make some friends there just as @curtwriter said. You can also use autovotes to maximize your curation rewards. And you can write articles that people are interested in.

Also you should not underestimate how great comments can be to earn a few bucks. Try to find people who regularly upvote comments on their posts and just write a useful comment and get some money.

There is no short cut to be successful on Steemit platform. One have to be consistent and patience.

There are few tips while implementing on that one can be grow on this platform:-

  • First of all you have to produce quality posts.
  • Secondly, participate by up voting the others in form of comments.
  • Increase your social network by adding people having common interest areas.
  • By getting more and more up votes 
  • By participating in different bots.
  • You can also join discord channels and earn up vote from there. 
Make new friends!
This is the biggest tool to work at any platform to build your online carries is just make new friends and ask upvote from each other and comment from each other. Do this constantly for 25-30 days you will see the result automatically and you will get new friends even to help you.
A person who are new in steemit platform they are facing too much of problems or difficulties to make his /her post profitable.So for the post visible it needs so much of hard works to be visible on top on other profile.

Several points should kept in mind to become successful person in steemit they are :

1)The topic on which you are writing the blog it should be having good quantity and good quality both are depend thn only you get proper up otes and comments if it is good quality.

2) Don't upvote on your own blog because it feels negative impact on your blog and also don't upvote on other blog if you have less than 90%of voting power.

3)Use steemit commodities help to get proper way in which they are helpful to you.sfeemit commodities are 24 hours helpful to us.

4)Use different platform similar to steemit such as musing.io tube.i and many more similar website which can you reward in your steemit account.

5)Don't do the copy paste work from the website and post on steemit because steemit has good tracking system it can track from where you have written.so don't do that.

Thanks for Readings.