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How long can you store and freeze foods?

Most do well at 6 months. Some foods will freeze for only 3 months.  Others will freeze for up to 1 year. Agricultural extension service is the good info to use for this purpose. Cooperative extension service is another term to google for acquiring information regarding the preservation of food.


It all depends what food you ares storing and how it is packaged. vacuuming something doesn't mean it can't be ruined.

It is recommended fresh meats should be thrown away after a year of freezing. I would suggest then that 3-6 months should be standard for freezing.. vegetables can be stored for a little longer but if you stick to 3-6 months you can't go wrong.

Just make sure the items don't dry out due to poor packing as this causes oxidation in meats and ruins it and is commonly known as freezer burn.


The storage time for frozen foods varies depending on the type of food and the type of cooling you have. Freezer at -6 ° C, the food can be stored for 1 week. While storage at -12 ° C, food can be stored for 1 month. For a temperature of -18 ° C, food can be stored for 3 months and for lower temperatures, food can be stored for 3 months or more.

You can see on the packaging to find out how long frozen food can be stored by using a freezer from a particular star. The ideal freezer machine always runs at -18 ° C or lower.