Has anyone ever received an email directing u to claim winnings in large amounts from the Gmail award?

No, I never received any email telling me to claim any awards. If you receive any emails like that, it is a scam attempt to steal your money.

Gmail doesn't give money for Gmail award. This is made up. Scammers make this kind of claims to persuade people in to falling for this type of scams. 

Here is a example of this kind of scam attempt: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!msg/gmail/IjDhAO6FTM4/IaPv0AugaV4J

"Hi, Google didn't send that message.  Please do not respond with personal details and don't select links in the message.  You can select the arrow next to 'Reply' then select 'Report phishing.'"


Yeap, I have actually claimed those winnings of a few million by banking in few thousands dollars to have the money released from the tax office. I am not living the life of a millionaire. Just Joking. Yea, this used to be a very popular scam in the Malaysia but it has become something that is really predictable that nowadays, if i receive any calls or emails like this, I would try to toy around the scammer.

There was once that my mom got a call that was from kidnappers saying that her son was kidnapped (Which meant me) and so my mom asked for the kidnappers to hear my voice before she could release any cash to them and upon hearing the sound of her fake sound, it did not sound convincing and she just ignore the bunch. She confirmed with me by whatapps if I was kidnapped. Hahaha. All sorts of ways scammers would want to use to scam people. I did however fall for one scammer when I was about to order some hard disk and they were from alibaba.com. They posted from the official shop and I believed they were legitimate and never got my money back which I sent using western union. No money back. 

Scammers are everywhere and they try to use all sorts of ways to test if we are actually greedy enough and gullible to want to gain the big prize. They would then make all sorts of claims that the way to get the cash is to basically transfer this fund to this place which is their own bank account and so once the money is there. They've won again. Then the other way for those who want to get cash is by hacking into the bank account of others to get cash. 

Just try to toy around with that person and I am sure that the fox tail would appear after some time. HEHE. It would be fun and they will get pretty annoyed.  


I got it like more than 20 times on my gmail, phone. The most common wording or brand they use is of pepsico with a fake ceo or supervisor smiling at you along with his fake signature. First thing is that they never throw such contest or lottery draw. Even we never heard anything about them through media so someone telling you that you have won so much money is totally fake. 

Secondly, Google never run such things too. AT least they will make it public and by the next day your entire fb, chrome or news feed will be full of Google awards news or Gmail award news. People are far clever now but they do target minors who can trust them on first sight.

Personal information is all that need so that they can use your information for tele-marketing and by next week you will receive some weird products to test. Product calls, telemarketers will cause you a lot of trouble so ignore them and such mails as well. Cheap people are more annoying these days!


Gladly, I didn't receive such message yet. Should I believe it is legitimate? I don't think so. It might sound thrilling to hear you won a reward or an award, but those are false hopes. I don't even think Google will give money. For my many years using Google (even Gmail), I never heard th giving away rewards.

These schemes are probably from scammers and spammers. It might even be a phishing attack. They will take your personal information, and as a way to hack your email accounts as well as those websites ot even banking connected to your email address. The question is, why do we receive such emails? It could be Google cab be blamed as we cannot say how they are using our infos, or other websites we've registered on where we used our emails. That's why we should be cautious on where we are registering in using our personal informations.


Not just once. Thousand times I have received such emails. In my country, so many people duped to an amount in the range of thousand dollars and the scammers looted people by saying either processing fees or tax collection or custom duties etc. Some people get tempted and they did not do home work properly and fell prey to such scammers. 

The local administration & police had to publish advisory after receiving so many complains in this regard. Some people and the nexus of them were also caught by the police and they are in the jail now. But the common people who did not do any hard work and became greedy and tempted, learned a hard lesson.

In my view, the people have to be more aware of and should do away from short cut, otherwise they will always be in discord with their mind set to the real world which is not short, straight and easy path and one has to go through the processes of hard work and bide the time to become successful over a period of time. Those who believe in this, can not be a victim of such scams over gmail account citing millions and billions in prizes or lottery by some organized scammers.


Oh my God it happens to me almost all the Time.

Let me tell you the first Time it happened to me and how I was almost duped and scammed by them.

So I received a call from a Guy who claimed to be a Coca Cola Employee and wanted to relay the information that I have won 1 Million Pound in their Lucky Draw which is held annually. Now at that moment I just turned 18 and 1 Million pound sounded delicious to me so I entertained him a lot and gave him some of my details like my email ID and which state I lived in. Next thing I know they were asking me for some money as they had to pay the customs officer at the Airport for Customs and since the Money they brought for me was sealed so I have to pay for the customs.

Thankfully I was just 18 and didn't have such amount at hand. I asked my Dad for the Money and told him why I needed it and he immediately educated me on the World of Scams.

That was a Close Call for me.


It is a scam. People are phising trying to get your info. Do not click on any links or anything silly. Your account will be comprimised and you will lose everything.


I have received loads of such messages and i don't bother opening them. I just hit the delete button on my PC.

As a Nigerian, i know not to fall for such scams. You know you did not play any lottery, apply for any competition and you definitely didn't inherit anything from your grandparents, so why bother.

Sometimes those messages have malicious links attached to them and when you click the link, a malicious payload gets downloaded automatically to your device. Some gullible people may even fall for phishing scams through those links.

Its best to ignore and try to blacklist as much spam email addresses as you can, so you don't receive such.


I have not received such email to receive a winning from a Gmail award. What I can remember, I used to receive emails from someone telling me they acquire huge money like millions and need an account to transfer it, something like that...

Which for sure is just a scam wanting to steal your account details so that they could use it or steal money from you.

Better to not click any links and do not give any information on those kind of emails.

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Lol, no. And even if i get one, it will be marked as spam and reported to gmail. See, by giving up a free service and by spying on us, google is doing enough. Any such email claiming to reward you will at least be a way to collect data and at worst be a phishing attack and one shouldn't open any link, download an document/pdf/file from such emails. Best to ignore and bin it.