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What are some good solutions to stop my husband from snoring?
Is there anything I can buy online to help prevent snoring?


Bellow I discuss some points that may help to reduce snoozing:

*Change the style of sleeping

Snoozing can be reduced if you lie down aside when sleeping. If the muscles of the neck got relaxed, then the chance of snoozing get increased.  

 *You have to quit smoking   

If you have a habit of smoking then you have to leave it. As a result of smoking, the body's oxygen consumption get reduce. For which the way out of the air shrinks. For this reason, snoozing occurs.   

*Avoid spicy foods

There is a relation between snoozing and acidity. Acidic problems arise due to excessive consumption of spicy foods. You can test by eat less spicy food and see if the number of snoozing is reduced.  

*Extra weight reduction

Those who have overweight should lose weight. The neck path can become narrow due to overweight. As a result, there is arising a sound due to friction while breathing. So those whose body weight exceeds their body weight should be decreased.   

*Physical exercise

Regular body exercises increase blood circulation and heartbeat. In this result, you'll get a better sleep. So that it is important to practice physical exercise every day to reduce snoozing.

*Keep the bed clean

If there is more dust on the bed in the house, there will many problems of breathing occurs. The nasal muscles may swell if there are so many dusting around you. For this reason, snoozing happens. So the bed and the house need to be kept clean.  

*Find biological reasons

Due to the thick soft plaque in the nostrils, due to some other reason the nasal partially constricted and compressing the air behind the tongue, these three biological causes can be the source of snoozing.   

*Reduce anxiety

Need to reduce the workload. Should be reduced anxiety while going to sleep. It can work well. So do something before bedtime so that all kinds of anxiety can shake and have a nice sleep.   

*Permanent solution

If this snoozing gets over or without cross the level then you should walk on its permanent solution. Go to a doctor. Now it is possible to overcome this problem with many modern treatments. Through the laser ray, the narrowing of the nostrils and the back of the tongue can be removed. This operation is not too much time-consuming. However, you should definitely go to the surgical specialist.



There are  a few things but have never tested them.

Some of us snore and some worse than others. Just don'r let him lie on his back as that is where the snoring occurs. If he lies on his side he won'rt snore or as much. My wife uses ear plugs and that works for me lol.

Here are some remedies.

I spoke about the sleep position already which should be the best

Don't drink alcohol. I snore more when I am more relaxed and have had  a few drinks.

Lose weight. Not always as I know of thin people snoring as well.

Clear your nasal passages. A salt saline solution squirted up the nostrils could help open the air waves.

There are some pillows which they say help with snoring. I have never tried this so maybe worth a go.


Offer earplugs to bedmates. Try "wheeze strips, for example, Breath Right. Tell your resting sidekick that it's alright to wake you up when your wheezing gets unreasonably uproarious. On the off chance that it takes more than two or three inclinations to stop your wheezing, your rest mate legitimizes the bed to him-or herself.


He probably has some form of sleep apnia. He would most likely benefit from having a C pap machine. this should take care of the issue and help him live a more full life. 


I use breath right strips that lift the bridge of my nose and greatly decrease the amount of snoring I do.


Before my father was retired he had to wake up at 3 a.m. for work. After retirement, his early morning habit proved hard to break. Subsequently, the afternoons would inevitably find him snoozing on his recliner. Without fail, as soon as he'd hit a deep sleep he'd let out a massive snort, wake himself up, and grumble at my mom and I for "waking him up." My dad's afternoon snoring puts him in the company of many others. 

Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the throat due to congestion, enlarged tonsils, or other issues. Conditions like asthma and obesity can also cause or exacerbate snoring. Contrary to what some might believe, snoring doesn't necessarily mean he has sleep apnea. But if you feel your husband's snoring is excessive, it's a good idea to check with his doctor.

He can minimize his snoring by changing up some of his sleep routines. He can try sleeping on his side and avoiding alcohol and smoking before bedtime. Also, if he has some weight to lose, dropping excess pounds will likely help his snoring. He can also see his doctor for other possible solutions such as a mouthpiece designed to minimize snoring.