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Why was musing.io created?

The simplest way of answering your questions is that the people have questions and musing.io is one of the greatest places for them to get answers. This makes musing one of the most useful dapps on Steem. Please allow me to explain further.

Musing.io  is a platform/dapp on the Steem Blockchain. You can post content here  just like Steemit and Busy, but in a slightly different format.  If you  already have an account to access the Steem blockchain (like Steemit,  Dtube, Dlive, etc.) then you can use steemconnect to login and begin  using musing.io. This is how the musing.io describes itself:

“Musing  is a question and answer platform, built on Steem's blockchain, that  rewards you with tokens for answering peoples' questions!” 

They  go onto explain that what they are doing is pretty similar to  Quora,  but with a major difference. That would be the fact that the whole   thing is based on the Steem blockchain and thus the content (both   questions and answers) can be rewarded. Neither Quora nor Yahoo answers  had this reward system. The only incentive there was to gain a few likes/points (or whatever they called it).

This model for a website may  certainly not be new, but incentivization of a platform based on a  question-answer format is quite a breakthrough. The modern-day internet  is purely based on making  people work without paying them. Every click  we make, every alphabet we type is being used directly or indirectly to  profit somebody (there are  plenty of people who still will argue with  this and to them I politely ask that they open their eyes).

Yesterday  I was discussing Quora with someone here on Steemit and I am quoting  myself not because that I said something great but because I am a lazy  typer:

"Last year I registered at quora and answered a  few questions and in  return a few of them were answered for me. I'll be  truthful here, quora  started to feel like an expensive hobby after a  few days. You waste tons  of time answering questions and for your  efforts you get nothing......  literally"

Musing.io makes  several good points as to why incentivizing questions and answers could  be a good idea. First, they mention that the quality  of answers could  be great if people were being rewarded for answering  questions. It  obviously goes without saying that people would be  interested in  answering in the first place because they see the rewards  that they  might get for their answers. Last but not the least is that  you already  know the intentions of the responder to your question – we  are all  here to earn something for our efforts. Thus, we have a little  less to  worry about answers that are affected by endorsement of third  parties.

Before I forget, keep in mind that even good questions get rewarded as well.


In the Question and Answer segment, musing is the first ever decentralized Question and Answer platform built as DApp on steem blockchain.

So for your every action like asking question and answering questions, you will get paid in the form of upvotes and again these upvotes you will get it curated through musing account and not all your answers or questions will get upvotes but if your answer is productive to the community then definitely you will be rewarded.

So unlike other platform, you will not waste your time and energy here as it is an incentive based platform and until now there was no incentive based question and answer platform and that forms the basis of creating this wonderful platform called musing.

There are so many people already get benefited by this DApp and the statistics suggest that the demand of the platform is still growing and more people are joining and spending more time here and also getting rewarded.

So musing is all set for ushering a new era of Question & Answer platform.

Hope I answered your question. Thank you.


Musing .io is a Dapp that was created on the Steemit block chain.

The easy answer is it is a business as such created by developers to make money. They have invested money and time into creating this wonderful site and will be rewarded for this in Steem.

It is a fun site for everyone on Steemit to come and ask questions and answer others. We all benefit form this site in one way or the other.

Steem benefits as it will create  a token going forward that will have value held against Steem. Currently musing.io receives  a delegation which they use to create a value on the vote. This in turn when they vote on questions and answers gives them curation. This curation will only get bigger as their vote climbs in value thus making the developers and owners on musing.io more money in financial rewards.

These dapps are key for Steemit to grow so it is a win win situation for musing.io and Steem. The incentivization is what makes it different from sites like Quora. Quora may be bigger at the moment but no one benefits in rewards so expect to see musing.io grow much bigger in the coming months.