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Which would you rather be, being extremely rich or just having enough to take care of you immediate needs? And what are the reasons for your choice?

I would rather be satisfied with having just enough to take care of my immediate needs. I just want to be comfortable and happy. Money may buy a certain type of comfort, but never happiness. 

Here are my reasons for this choice;

Satisfaction does not come from having all the wealth in the world, rather, satisfaction is a state of mind; it comes from within. That is why you can be extremely wealthy, yet still not satisfied; thereby, looking for ways to double your net worth. Sadly, you can't have it both ways. It's either one is desperate or one is contented.

Meanwhile, desperation is a negative trait that can attract negative outcomes. The moment one becomes desperate, one is willing to sacrifice anything just to gain extra cash. You may even lose your virtue, your real friends and ruin your relationship in the process. As money takes priority, integrity becomes the collateral damage. This would result in a paradigm shift in your values. You may not even have time for your family anymore.

Where your treasure is, there your heart would be. Anxiety, panic and sleepless nights may ensue as one would worry about losing his financial possessions. Insecurity is a challenge that extreme wealth can bring, because the more you have, the more you have to lose.

My grandpa used to say; "the richer you get, the more you forget to pray." Initially, I didn't quite understand this in entirety. However, as I continued to grow in age, wisdom, knowledge and wealth, I started realising the true depth of this statement. Now, it is clear to me. Potentially, riches could draw you away from The Creator. More so, when you encounter a challenge; instinctively, your wealth becomes your safety net. You'd begin to think that money solves all problems. This assumption is inherently flawed because it ignores the existence of the metaphysical.

At this point, I'd like to point out some misconstrued ideas about wealth.

Misconception: It's only when you're wealthy that you can be generous to help people because you'd have more to give.

Fact: The above statement is absurd. Generosity is no dependent on your level of income. Each one can provide help for the needy, irrespective of your financial status. The little things we do sometimes, send the greatest message. Generosity is not confined to financial assistance.

Misconception: Contentment denies you of promising opportunities, thus leading to poverty.

Fact: Contentment does NOT deny you of promising opportunities. It only prevents you from making decisions that may cost you your integrity, or decisions that'd add an unnecessary burden to your life.

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IF it was strictly one or the other: RICH.

Life is short. I’d like to experience ALOT more than just having immediate needs met - I’ve been there, done that, and life has much more to offer that my soul would love to experience.

And, the more I had, the more I’d have to GIVE.

First and foremost, my WIFE (and future kids) deserve a lot more than some selfish choice to play small, were I to have the option to unlock the abundance to enable them the freedom to pursue whatever THEY chose in life.

Secondly, to any number of worthy causes, projects, ventures, and initiatives I resonate with and would like to support in achieving their aims.


I would prefer being extremely rich than just have enough for the immediate needs.

Having enough could mean you do not have some money to spare for emergencies. In this life, there could be unexpected expenses not just for medical or accident type of expenses, also for inflation or prices of commodities becomes higher unexpectedly. If we just have enough, we will struggle during those unexpected times.

You also do not have some to share to others especially to your loved ones if you just have enough. You will not be able to help cause that means you will be giving something that you really need. Not unless you are willing to do a sacrifice.

You will also do not have some money for leisure or relaxation. Although it could be possible to have some leisure without spending like walking in a park that you like, it is better to have some delicious ice cream and more foodtrip with the family while in the park.

Being too rich does not automatically means you will not be handling or spending money properly. This question also reminded me of a saying that "it is more comfortable to cry in a limousine than in a bike".  

Having just enough or too much, we can still encounter some problems in life. If we are too rich and know how to handle it properly, we will less likely to have money problems.


I choose to have just enough to satisfy all of my immediate needs.Not that being extremely rich is a bad thing but for the fact that it comes with a lot of responsibilities something that not all custodians of extreme wealth can handle.

The interesting thing about people who are extremely rich especially for those who live a luxurious lifestyle is that they will need a continous flow of new money to maintain the lifestyle that they are used to.If for any reason they lose access to that inflow of cash everything around them starts crumbling with fake friends and family members headed for the door.

Then there are those whose life's mission is to be extremely rich.This quest is the only thing that occupies their consciousness making them to put their loved ones on the back burner by the time they realise their mistake.It would be too late to do anything about it.

Lastly leaving behind such kind of wealth for your children can do them more harm than good.Kind of like living a child with a sweet tooth alone in a candy store.That child is going to have a tommy ache.

Still there are those who will effortlessly be extremely wealthy or would become heirs to a princely estate.My advice to them would be to :

1. ground themselves in reality

2. get rid of the Yesmen and surround yourself with people who will reflect you to you.

3.Find something noble and worthwhile worth living for and you will live a satisfying life.

4.It is more blessed to give than to receive.If you want to give make sure you give to truly worthy causes and not to selfish organisations masquerading as charities or NGOs.


I would wanna make enough to not worry about money. If there was a choice to be extremely rich, I would want to be extremely rich. Then I would pretend to be just be a middle income earner.

Sometimes, I wonder, if it was boring or not if I had so much cash at hand. I have seen that many would go and buy luxury stuff. I see no use of those stuff.

I guess just having enough to take care of your needs means that we still gotta work a bit to earn enough to pay for things but won't starve. If there was a choice, I guess I would want to be extremely rich. Then I can first of all have no debt at all. Go to the supermarkets or any where and just the things I want.


I want to choose to be very rich rather than just having enough to take care of my urgent needs.

If someone is very rich, of course wealth can be used for good roads, including opening up productive businesses and creating jobs so that they can help reduce unemployment around their homes, give alms and fund social activities.

it can all be done with more wealth so that we can work in society, when our business benefits, of course we can do many things.

  • Schools, build free schools for the poor.
  • Hospitals, building hospitals that are comfortable for treatment are also given free medical care for those who cannot afford it because many people around us do not want to seek treatment because of expensive medical expenses.
  • Housing, building decent housing for those who do not have a house because only a few people do not have a healthy home.

It is an obligation for us to help ease the burden of his life, of course we must be very rich, if not rich, how can we give them a free home.

being very rich needs to work hard, keep learning and be patient, hopefully we all become very rich, have plenty of time for family and be generous.

Have a nice day.


I'd definitely choose the first option which is being extremely rich. I can already take care of my immediate needs now but being rich is something I haven't experienced yet so would love to be like that. 

I think being rich can make you really happy as long as you spend your money the right way. Instead of using it for let's say gambling or other things, I am gonna use some of them to invest as that's what I always want to do and then spend more time with my family as I don't need to do a job anymore. 

I will take her to some trips and vacations which would make me and her become closer but I am not gonna make her spoil to the point that I would always buy everything for her. I'll make sure she also earns her own money.

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I'm not trying to sound "greedy" but I think I could have more flexibility in terms of my actions and how I can move things around if I have the much needed resources. To put it simply, I'm choosing to be a rich person.

Being rich doesn't necessarily mean "bad", in fact their is nothing wrong about so much wealth that is being owned by a single person. Let's take Bill Gates for example, he may own one of the biggest asset in US but because he is using it for humanitarian purposes, helping the poor, & funding research development. His effort to allocate the wealth for the betterment of the society is greater than anyone else who are in the same status as him.

So, to reiterate, I will choose to be rich and do what I can to help humanity using my wealth.


I might as well flip a coin. 

Both are fine by my book.

I mean, my immediate need is investing $100,000 in STEEM.

So if that's covered by the latter, sign me in.

Being filthy rich sure have it's appear.

They do say that with more money there's more problems to come.

Nobody said anything about not giving most of it to charity and then continue my life as in the latter.

So yeah, Heads or Tails? Flip!


I'm not exactly sure of what you mean by 'immediate needs'.

If you mean just being barely able to meet basic needs but I'll go for rich. I would really love a comfortable life and not one where I can only meet my basic needs.

However, if you extend it to mean being able to meet ones needs comfortably but not having excess, I'll go for it. I have a lean posture when it comes to money. I want just enough to give myself and my family a comfortable life


I would love to always have enough for the basic needs. That is actually my situation right now. I'm not rich, but neither poor. And from time to time I earn too much, and I I just invest that extra to get more money from it. I always know what to invest into and what to spend my money on, so I probably never be rich seeing that once I calculated my expenses this year, all extra gets invested in which I make more money, and just invest more.

So yeah, have the basics, because I love investing and if I ever get so rich that I don't know what to do with my money, then it just becomes so boring that I really wouldn't enjoy my riches.


I will prefer being extremely rich than just being able to take care of immediate need. The Reason why I prefer being extremely rich are :

1. I can Do more being rich, but just having morny to take of your immediate needs can be stressful and you are limited with what you can do

2. I will be more satisfied being extremely rich, u can do what I want and buy what I want and what I don't what without thinking about the cost or the repercussions but just having money for your immediate needs can be so boring, you only get to buy what you need.. You can't always aim to get things you will need later

3. Being extremely rich makes it possible for me to do more for charity and helping in making the world as a while a better place through approving and donating for projects that will bring up developments unlike just having money for your immediate need. You can only think of your self and you wont be to do much

4. Being extremely rich makes philanthropy works easier and enjoyable to engage into.. Being rich provides a platform where you extend you hand to help those in needs unlike having money just for your immediate need, you can't do that because it will endanger your position also

5. Family could be raised much more easier if you are extremely rich because everything us already in place for you to cater for you wife and kids unlike money proportioned for serving your immediate needs..

And so lots more, what's for reading