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So the new iPhone Xs comes with an e-sim, can anyone please explain to me what that is and how it works?

Well it's true that the iPhone Xs has one, I'm not sure about any other phone though. An e-sim is basically a sim that's built into a smartphone and unlike the nano SIM and micro SIM, it can't be removed. It's the latest advancement in phone technology which has seen all other components get smaller and screens get bigger.

The e-sim is about 15% the size of a nano-sim so it's actually pretty small. The e-sim is seemingly easier to use that normal s because provided your network provider supports it's use, activating the sim for a particular network is just as easy as downloading the app of your network provider and scanning a barcode and the sim will be automatically configured. This is great for people who travel alot because you can simply just switch network providers or carriers once you enter a new country.

It also helps keep your phone gear connected without the use of Bluetooth or a WiFi connection, to the best of my knowledge this holds true for iPhones and their watches.

The only downside to using these is that if you lose your phone or your phone is down and you want to put your SIM in someone else's phone and make a call then it won't be possible, otherwise it's a pretty cool idea if you ask me.

I hope this helps.


Apple officially introduced the three new iPhones. Two of them namely the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are equipped with dual-SIM features.

This is the first time Apple has pinned a dual-SIM feature on their iPhone. Uniquely, Apple uses e-SIM technology for one SIM card in this feature. What exactly is e-SIM?

As we know, the Subscriber Identification Module or what we are familiar with the term "SIM card", has several types based on the size of the Nano, Micro, and standard sizes.

The most widely used today is Nano SIM because of its smaller size so it doesn't take up a lot of space on a cellphone.

At first glance e-SIM is similar to the SIM card inject system which had sprung up a few years ago. The difference is, the SIM card inject system is carried out permanently for one cellular operator while e-SIM users can still change numbers from one operator to another.

As the name implies, e-SIM alias electronic SIM does not have a physical form like a card in general. E-SIM is a module that is integrated and attached to the cellphone and cannot be removed from random.