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What are some completely useless but interesting facts you know?

  - The word "typewriter" can be typed entirely using the top row of keys on a typewriter.

 - “Beam me up, Scotty.”, was never said as a line in the original Star Trek series.

 - There were no human beings with blue eyes prior to around 10,000 years ago.


You can't kill yourself by holding your breath no matter how long you try, you will release it when you are about to choke.

If BOOBY TRAP is spelt backward, its PARTYBOOB.

Asstronauts are unable to cry in space because the absence of gravitational force won't allow water to flow.

Hot water is heavier than cold water.

It takes 115days for snail to travel a mile and they can sleep for 3 years.


The facts that are really useless but interesting that I know, is; regarding my existence in myself.

Why isn't someone else in me? Haha, just ignore it, sometimes I think about things that are not very useful. I'm sory. 😂


An eye can never see itself, just like a tongue can never taste itself. 


You can't wash your eyes with soap because its dirty.