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What's the best way to make unwanted guests leave?
Whether IRL or on phone i usually bring up next days plans "So, tomorrow we meet at X pm at X place ?"

If i have alcoholic friends over i just tell them i'm all out of whiskey

So far pretending to fall asleep gives the best results
Generally I will casually ask something like "What time were you planning on heading out?" in a conversation. This usually prompts them to respond and ask something like "Why, do you have to be somewhere?", at which point you can bring up leaving.

If that doesn't work there's always the classic move of texting a friend and asking them to call you in 5 minutes about some "emergency".

Those are the best ways in my opinion, but you could also just modify the first method to be more direct, saying "By the way, I have somewhere to be at 4."
Start hitting on them with really bad breath.

Top #1 turn off in majority of surveys show bad-breath has the best olfactory memory and unpleasant negative subconscious retention factor.

Do not do this if you are Super Attractive - it will back-fire, this technique is for average looking people only :P
An easy way to do it is to tell them that you have something important you need to do very soon. But the easiest way is probably just to tell them the truth, and that you want them to leave now. Why bother with the lies if they are unwanted in the first place?
You shouldn't have to make excuses in your own house. You can just say "well, i'm gonna kick you out for today" without giving an explanation. There's nothing impolite about that (unless it would be people you invited and you kick them out after five minutes lol)

That's what i say (not that i have many guests in the last years, i just dont let anyone in hahah)

just say it, without excusing yourself as if you would need to in your own house. It might take some practice and get you some cultural goosebumps if you have been "trained" to be "polite" (polite usually means lying, have you ever noticed that ? parents tell their children not to lie BUT to be polite, but if you have to be 'polite' more often than not it comes down to lying, or masquing ...)

But when you can do it without getting your solar plexus in a knot in the end you'll respect yourself more and believe it or not people will respect you more too.

No need to get angry or tell lies, jus say "I'm going to kick you out now for today" or "Id like you to leave now for today" or simply "Id like you to leave now"

with no "because" attached

in your own house
At some points in life some guests may not be useful at the moment this makes not to want to have them around us. Below are some nice ways to make them leave without hurting them.
You and whoever was discussin can decide to change the topic to one which is so boring and not making any room were the unwanted guest can come in.
Also excusing yourself to the bathroom for Avery long time.
We can still apply the method of pretending to have something doing.
Have you conversed with the general population?

Have a go at discovering spots to lease and take your visitor to visit them.

Drop insights, allow them multi month to locate another place or the locks will be changed and they will trespass on your property.

Individuals for the most part do what works for them. Try not to lift a finger to encourage them, don't shop or cook for the individual, don't do their washing, pressing, cleaning or whatever else for them.

Begin changing rent and everyday costs, higher than the investment properties in your general vicinity.

Make the living condition awkward, disregard the individual, make it evident that you don't need them in your home. Be affable to them on the off chance that you need to address them.

Have the people room publicized as being up for lease, individuals will come round to see.

Move out, or go on vacation for half a month, change the locks.

Whatever you choose to do, think before doing anything. Get lawful exhortation and if your undesirable visitor is a companion, they probably won't be your companion after this.
Make sure why you have to ask him to leave

Talk well why he should go

Give a specific personal example of why he should go

Give a definite date when he should go

If all methods do not work, you can call the security officer to force him to leave.