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Do you think that social media platforms which use artificial intelligence for rewarding content creators will overtake steem?

It is possible for AI to advance enough to measure the value of content (somewhat) but humans will remain an important factor in whatever algorith is developed. This is because humans continuously define and redefine what is "good" or "funny" or "insightful" according to their own life experiences, which I don't think an AI system will be able to fully simulate.

AI will probably learn a lot more from humans than it does now, but to replace humans completely in determining what's good content and what's not is hard to forecast. Maybe it will but I don't think so.

I see AI as only becoming better at measuring human response and interaction with content, and the algorithms getting more and more complex, but humans will still be at the center if it all.


I don't think so. Although AI might get close in the distant future, nothing beats manual curation in my opinion. People who write content like to be validated and given some attention  by real people.

I know when I post I get more of a good feeling when I get an upvote from a real person rather than from a bot or some type of AI. If the world moved completely to AI for curating I think I would actually just stop creating content - what would be the point if it wasnt written for real people? And also I think that in this case it would become ripe for manipulation, as people would learn what the bots were looking for and start to tailor their content


Possibly to some degree in the future. It would be a very complicated algorithm. In some manner the Intelligence would have to be able to make meaning from the text. The context in which the words are used would also have to be taken into account. 

We see already with just people things getting misread to mean something other than what was meant.  It could be done, Maybe these new quantum computers could handle it.

People will still want to read and give value to the content they read. Manual curating may become a luxury thing on post. If you post got manually curated and a good score given, That could end up being worth more than the automated curating.

I can see some curating ending up being done by an automated system. Not in the very near future though.


No, I believe there will always be manual curators, because so many people here enjoy being a curator. 

But for some, automation may increase. It really depends on the person. Unless consensus takes manual curating away, which I don't see happening, automation will never completely take over steemit.