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What man should do to not lose hair?

Not only man, women do lose hair too. Like me, for example. My hair is thin, too thin to believe and it started breaking which led me to panic because I knew something was not right. 

How to prevent hair thinning and loss 

My doctor advised me to have vitamins because it is due to lack of nourishment that the hair is affected. 

I have been given hairday plus - a vitamin capsule which contains calcium, vitamins, minerals, folic acid and biotine and some other ingredients. 

Please check with your doctor or even the pharmacist. These vitamins can be purchased over the counter. It is a fifteen day course. I hope my hair regains vitality. 

There are other tips like 

  • reducing stress
  • taking an oil massage
  • using herbal shampoo or homemade ones
  • stop using hair creams like brylcream; use coconut oil instead 
  • drink lots of water
  • check whether you are the dry skin type like me and include fat in your diet

I hope these tips will help you

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Before undergoing a treatment, you should know first the factors and the causes of hair loss. Actually, there are a lot of causes, and some diseases might be causing it. But if you don't have other diseases, better examine yourself what might be the factors.

Hair loss can be genetic. On my part, I can't do anything about it because it's in our genes. All I gotta do is value and maintain the remaining hairs that I have. I am not yet bald, but I gotta take care of it. Unless, I am ready to be fully bald.

Emotional and physical stresses are also factors. What you can do about it is control your stresses and anxiety causing the hair loss. It is not easy, but there are possible treatments. Have some de-stress activities.

Deficiency of Vitamins and some proteins. I am referring to Vitamin B there. All you gotta do is consume foods that are rich in those mentioned nutrients.

There are a lot of factors, and a lot of ways to stop thinning hair. By the way, I would love to add this. Aloe Vera was known for thickening hair. That can help as well.

But again, I will repeat. Know the factors so you will know what to do to control hair loss.


Hair falling is most common problem in men these days. Dandruff is the main cause of hair loss. There are some more reasons that lead to fall hai. It's  due to over over time work , stress , lifestyle,etc.  Some time our habits lead to hair loss. Here are the tips how you can prevent your hair more stronger and healthier

1. Sleep 7 to 8 hours at night.
2. Use olive oil or coconut oil.
3.Drink at least 4 litre of water in a day 

4. Whenever you are getting sweat on your head , have  a  bath.

4. Whenever you are getting sweat on your head , have a ead bath.

5. Avoid to be in harsh sunlight.

6. Eat more vegetables and Protein contained foods.

7. Make sure that your hair is dried before combing

8.  Shampoo your hair once in a week if you are using ‘   

   Sodium lauryl sulfate shampoo. If you need to shampoo 

   thrice in a week use ‘ sodium Laureth sulfate shampoo


It's very saddening and at times embarrassed when you start losing hair. It sometimes causes ridicule in the public from friends and people who should have no business talking about you.

For some however, it's inevitable. It's sometimes hereditary and in such a case, there's rarely anything that can be done about it. I have a friend whose dad has bald head and nearly all hiss children are bald too. It's not so much as what they did or didn't do but what flows down the family line.

For others though, there are things that could be done to prevent the hairline from receding.

1.) Avoid combing the hair when it still wet as it could promote breakage. Allow the hair some time to dry, at least few minutes, before you begin combing.

2.)Some people like to dry their hair as soon as they leave the shower. This is a bad habit especially when you consider the growth of your hair. Let the hair dry naturally as you could be removing too much moisture from the hair when you dry it with a towel.

3.) Endeavour to use lubricants on your hair. Hair mostly recedes when the scalp is dry. So, it becomes a thing of common sense to keep the scalp moisturized. Use lotions that have been enriched with vitamins and folic acid. I've heard that coconut oil also works some wonders.

4.) Take food and supplements rich in Vitamins especially B12 and Vitamin D. Also take food and supplements rich in minerals.

5. ) Be wary of barbers that cut your hair too deep into the hairline. I'm aware of some barbers who don't know they are supposed to be careful when carving the hair. They take it took deep inside and cause problems they won't be around to solve. Always be cautious to instruct the barber before time not to carve your hair deep inside. You could even tell them not to carve at all. Better safe than sorry.

6.) Surgery. This is a very expensive method to treat receding hairline and should only be considered if you have the money for it. The doctors can perform surgery on your hair and make it look like new giving you fresh hairlines.

Only the rich go for this method like Wayne Rooney when he was playing for Manchester United.


Pray to the hair gods, and it's still probably going to fall out. 

There are some alternatives to hair loss, in the form of artificial hair, plugs, and regrowth methods. All at a hefty price, and likely only temporary solutions to an inevitable problem. 

It's a part of life, if you cannot accept it, the inevitable deterioration of your hair is going to be harder to cope with. 


Seasonal changes, stress, iron deficiency and hormone disorders can cause hair loss. However, long lasting hair loss can be caused by serious diseases. Each hairstyle lives 4 to 6 years, then rests and then it is poured. Hair loss in this way is a very natural process and 50-100 wire hair loss per day is considered normal.

Hair loss in men is usually a male hormone sensitive hair loss that is genetically occurring in more than 50% of the population. This type of hair loss is chronic.

Hair loss due to nutritional reasons is another common factor. As a result, hair is a living organ and it must be nourished.

Despite the lack of nutritional problems, the hair and vitamins required for the hair is missing in the blood is another cause of shedding hair. If B12, vitamin D, folic acid, biotin, zinc, iron, such as vitamins and minerals are low and can not be fed hair.

Briefly, many reasons can cause hair loss.


The best way is to learn first what causes of hair loss. Whether man or a woman, what causes hair loss it will differ, so it will important to identify the triggers. 

Just reverse the causes of hair loss and you can avoid hair losses.