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Is there a biological reason for men to prefer women shorter than themselves?
I can see why women would prefer taller men from a biological view - better able to provide and protect - but is there anything similar that causes men to prefer shorter women over women taller than themselves?

This has more to do with psychological reasons and personal preferences than biological. Personally, I prefer women taller than myself to shorter women.

While some men feel intimidated by a woman's height, I feel aroused by it. Some men feel a sense of importance or confidence if they're taller than their women.

On the other hand, most women seem to prefer a taller man, some feel that as tall as they are so also their dreams. Some women feel that's the perfect definition of a Prince Charming.

For me, I don't see any biological reason, I only see personal preferences. Personally, I do like tall women, but that doesn't mean I can't love a woman shorter than I am. I only wish she could be taller, but if the personality doesn't eventually fit into my presumed height then I will still be good.

Men prefer shorter women because of several reasons based on understanding, perception and exposure. Some would reject a taller woman because of low self-esteem and settle for a short one.

Some go for a shorter woman because they feel comfortable when they shield her round their arms underneath their armpit. That feeling of rendering protection to your women.

Some would go for shorter women because they think they'll be more comfortable with them in bed than women with tall elongated legs.

There are all kinds of weird reasons as to why men would prefer women shorter than them but I think these reasons are most personal than biological.

Thank you for reading.

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Probably the size being a threat to their ego or just enjoy their smaller partners appearing vulnerable due to size difference. 


It's less biological and more personal preference.  Some men prefer taller women.  I myself am very tall and have a personal preference for petite women.  Don't ask me why, it just is.


All I know is each one of us has the preferences. I admit being short, but I prefer a shorter woman for me. Now, I am taller than my girlfriend. The reason why I prefer a woman who is shorter than me is because I feel like that's what fits me. However, some people prefer taller women. Hence, there are partners when the woman is taller than the man. So it just depends on a man's preference. I don't see anything scientific about that.


I would say it comes down to the fact that over history males have preferred to be more dominant in relationships. Thus by being taller (whether conscious or not) is just one more way for males to show their dominance in a relationship.

Also, in general males are taller than females, and thus it makes sense as a while, because otherwise there would be less selection. I think from a females perspective, they often would like a taller male, as he would be perceived as being more protective.