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Should people be allowed to sell their own kidneys (or other organs)?

Selling of personal organs or self organs part by people is mostly done or practiced by people who may be in dire need of money. They tend to sell part of their organs to gain huge amounts of money in return without considering any risk involved. Some people may also decide to sell their body part or organs for huge amounts of money as a means of sacrifice for their coming generations or family.

Is this practice really appropriate?

Well, I will say it actually depends on the person involved since it's a matter of choice and free will. We live in a world of freedom where we are able to decide and make choices ourselves since it's our life and not other people's lives. I can decide to sell my body part and I can also not decide to sell my body part as this has to do with my choice.

The essential factor we should consider is the fact that these people tend to save the lives of others by rising their own lives. This is one of the greatest sacrifice in the race of humanity. There are lots of cases that has to do with people even donating blood for those whom may be in need of it so as to save the lives of such people and this also applies to the sale of body parts like kidney.

Have you ever put yourself in a deep thought of you being in similar situation whereby you need someone to save your life? I think if you really ponder over this, that's when you tend to realize the value of life. This is why the people in need or such body part can pay you any amount of money you requested because it's a matter of life and death.

In conclusion, it actually depends on the choice of the seller because he owns is body system and he decides whether to sell it or not. That's his or her decision and not our concern. But we should be more focused on saving people's lives if we are capable of doing so and this doesn't means that I am telling you to start selling your body part for money 😀(Lols). It's just a matter of choice and decision making.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


It is theirs isn't it? people should have the right to do whatever they wish with their organ.

The two factors involved doesn't cause any harm to the society

The organ being sold saves someone else and is useful to that person in lack

The person selling the organ who probably is in need of money gets money without involving in illegal stuff

it's a win win if you ask me so I don't see any reason it should be stoped.

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Yes as long as it doesn't endanger the person's health,I feel there are two reasons why people do that. As we usually hear that selling a kidney it's very costly,I feel it's one of the desperate ways of making money,then people also donate to save life ..... personally I feel that getting a perfect donor might be hard if there is no one selling...so it's okay if there is no danger.


Organ transplantation is one of the main wonders of present day drug. Yet, it's a wonder unfortunately distant for a large number of individuals whose lives may be spared. 

Thousands more transplant hopefuls may be spared if more Americans marked organ gift cards, if more families assented to gift of their friends and family's organs, and if medicinal work force moved toward the groups of potential contributors all the more regularly. In any case, the supply of cadaveric organs has been disappointingly level. 

Organ gift after death is the main practicable answer for heart, lung, pancreas, digestive tract, composite tissue and most liver beneficiaries. There can be no arrangement that overlooks the truth of individuals with these necessities. By concentrating on kidneys alone, where the arrangements must grasp both the expired and the living benefactor, you appear to have disposed of the more extensive requirements for transplantation. I along these lines look for more from you than a cast off line on 'the need to utilize after death gift'.

So as of late, there's been a push to induce living Samaritans — relatives, companions and even outsiders — to give one of their kidneys. That is helped, however insufficient.

In most countries selling kidneys and other organs are still illegal. Here in the Philippines there's a terrible issue about organs syndicate. There's a terror spreading due to kidnappings of children and killing them because of their organs. There are some people involve that has been arrested and admitted the kidnappings and killings of children just for their internal organs. Until today it's still a big issue that wasn't resolve yet as missing of some children are still ongoing.


Let's flip the question. Should people die because hospitals don't have any organs?