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What makes you appreciate life?

What makes me appreciate life is when I stand in front of the ocean on a cold, wet and windy day and just watch the water, stretching as far as the eye can see, restlessly and continuously ebbing and flowing, and the waves angry and crashing against the shore

Its vastness takes your breath away, its power, beyond comprehension. And there I stand., little old me in front of this infinitely huge force of nature.

And I feel humbled and insignificant . Its so beautiful and wild, and despite the wind blowing cold across my cheeks and the rain pounding down and there being hardly a soul around. Nothing else matters. Its just fucking amazing.

Then, I appreciate life.

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Right around this time last year, I started a journey that I never would have expected.  I went to the doctor for a routine checkup and I pointed out  something on my body that had been concerning me.  

After the doctor looked at it.  I was quickly sent through a battery of tests so they could determine what was going on.

Before the holidays came, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and I was being faced with surgery and radiation therapy to try to fight it.

I am lucky that they were able to remove the whole tumor and the radiation ended up just being a precaution to make sure that it had not spread.

Going through something like that and being faced with all of the  horrible possibilities that could have happened is something that really makes you appreciate being alive.  

People laugh when others say that the sky is a little bluer and the grass a little greener, but it really is true.  Life is not something to be taken lightly and facing a disease like that can really give you a great perspective on the time you have left on this Earth!


Mine is a weird one. Rain makes me know I am alive. When I am soaked to the skin I feel alive. Also when I am having drinks with friends or a meal I really appreciate life . Also when I watch kids playing I really appreciate being alive also


To start with, I understand that I am not the focal point of the universe. On the off chance that we approach an opportunity to put ourselves, the whole of the world opens for us. On the off chance that we take assessments that we set in concrete and only for a moment set them free, there is such a great amount for us to learn. A radical new world opens for us.

Second, I've figured out how to back off. That is the way to delight. On the off chance that you go to a historical center and race quickly starting with one show then onto the next to ensure you see everything before they close, what have you truly observed? You've seen things and that's it in a nutshell. In the event that you back off to acknowledge what you're taking a gander at, without stressing on the off chance that you'll see everything, you'll locate the little subtleties that changes things into recollections