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How can a man become more attractive?

Simple instructions:

1. Advance in your career

Women are attracted to resources. This one is a no-brainer. The only deadbeats who get women are bad boys and there are not many of those. 

2. Develop your confidence

Women are attracted to confidence because a confident man is a better bet than an insecure one if the goal is to land a man who will have possession of resources in the future. 

3. Get fit

If you're a slob it may help to some extent by making you look better but also by making you more confident.

4. Maintain a better level of hygiene and grooming

Women have a more acute sense of smell than men and they tend to be more conscious of subtle indications of social rank such as good grooming. You can't compensate for lacking a career going somewhere or confidence with this but it can help.


Assuming "more" here means beyond physical appearances like a clean-looking hairstyle or a well-trimmed beard(or shaven). One more way for a man to become more attractive to Women is to "smell nice".

Women love Men who smell nice. Since women are by nature attracted to cleanliness, if a man smell nice then they will think he is clean and in turn make him more attractive in their eyes. :)


Increased confidence, and improved appearance through exercise, and proper diet


By being filthy rich

Having a humongous dong wouldn't hurt his chances