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How would you support a friend who has decided to contact a psychologist?
Let's say your friend has been through a lot and hasn't felt mentally well for a damn while. They've finally come to an understanding they need help, as they can't deal with the mess in their brains alone. How would you, as a friend, support their decision and make sure they go through with their decision (not sink deeper in)?

Psychologist are specialist, trained to offer solution to clients who solicit their services. Usually their services transcends the ordinary day to day issues of life which could be deposed by common sense!!

A friend , having decided to meet a psychologist would enjoy my support by :

Impressing it on him that he has made a right decision in seeking a professional advice from an expert in that field!!

I would also assure him/her of my moral and emotional support to enable him observe whatever recommendation the expert might prescribe.

Yes , I would offer financial assistance if necessary!!


Personally, I think that everyone should see a psychologist.  I think that a lot of us take on things in our lives throughout our lifetime that we don't know how to process or cope with.  It is important to talk about those things and express them to someone that can help you unpack them and work through them.  

I think the biggest thing is to remove the stigma that is associated with seeing a professional like that.  It doesn't mean that there is something wrong with you or them, it just means you need a safe space and a safe person to talk things through with so that you can work things out in your own head.  

They are trained to ask leading questions that can take you to a conclusion or understanding that you may have not been able to come to on your own.  

True professionals will be a safe judgement free sounding board that can help you cope with and understand how and why you are feeling the way you are feeling.  Their ultimate goal isn't usually to fix you, but to help you fix yourself. 

Many people see psychologists or psychiatrists and the fact is that many people in that profession see professionals themselves because they are often so busy listening to other people that they don't have time to focus on themselves the way they should.  It is very therapeutic and again it isn't something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

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