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Why is it so hard to find a job nowadays?

When I started my job career, my batch mates also had the same problem. I was not ready for a job so I took a break for nearly 8 months after I completed my college. But my friends started immediately after college and most of them ended up getting a BPO and KPO jobs with shifts. Some of my friends decided to continue there and some were waiting to get a proper IT job. I would say that today a similar situation is going on everywhere. I live in a place called Chennai in India where job for freshers is quite challenging. Though I work in a highly reputed organization, I have not seen even a single fresher opening in my company for more than one year. It looks like kind of people are expecting only experienced candidates. Even for experienced candidates it becomes quite challenging if they really don't have the skills. 

During interviews the companies expect good problem solving skills and logical thinking from the candidates. That is another reason why people find it really hard to get a job. It could also be because of saturation in the IT industry or any industry for that matter. If there are more workers than what is actually required, finding a job can continue to be a great challenge. There are quite a few reasons why people find it very hard to get a job nowadays. There are many factors contributing to this situation. 

Automation everywhere

My role in my company is to automate process inside the company to eliminate waste. As part of this initiative, I have developed few applications that completely removed manual efforts. So the actual number of people required to do a specific task is reducing day by day. In many companies because of automation, there are no new openings and they even plan to lay off existing employees. You will be able to get good opportunities if you are well versed with automation tools. When computer industry grew drastically there were lots of scope for automation. Things that were once done manually have been completely automated now and we no longer require human effort to do certain things. 

Our real time assistants are now being replaced by virtual assistants as well. Many people are understanding this and have been showing more interest towards automation tools and also towards Robotics. This is one of the main reason why it is getting really hard to find a job here. I would say that even for a machine to work on its own, there will be a necessity for someone to handle the machine. So even though today automation is becoming the talk of the town, the situation will gradually change. 

Skills as opposed to experience

In every company people have now started to recruit people who are highly skillful than people who have good experience. Even though they have experience, hands on experience is expected. Just theoretical knowledge is not helping them. That is the reason why freshers are finding it quite hard to get a job. But we cannot completely blame every single company. There are many start ups emerging and they are expecting fresh blood to explore new innovative things. The problem with the freshers is that they will be quite afraid to start their carrier in a start up company. A company with good investment might provide a decent pay to the new joiners. But most of the startup companies in the ideal world are really tough place to work where you have to do almost everything there and it becomes a good learning curve for the freshers. 

No practical experience

I'm not sure about other countries but I will blame the education system in India. People are given basic education here but the problem is that they are not given proper education. More focus is given on things that they are never going to use in their lifetime. Many engineering students lack practical experience. If they study electrical engineering, they are no finding enough opportunities to gain a practical experience. The engineering colleges are also not so great in providing enough opportunities to the students in learning a particular concept. Only with practical experience, people can really understand the concepts and make use of it. 

If it is house wiring that students learn in a college, they should have opportunities to do a spike wiring somewhere to understand the concept of house wiring. The same applies to computer science students as well. Until they study in college they will not know how things work in office and how people develop applications. There is no practical exposure to create applications. If more practical experience is provided and if students and freshers are more inquisitive then the job opportunities will definitely reach them directly. 

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Globalization, competition and automation.

I explain myself better today many countries are going through very big difficulties in terms of labor sectors as a result of the global migration wave that is constantly living on the planet. For example, if we take the United States as an example, it is evident that it is the country that receives the most immigrants, so it has an extremely high demand for labor, which leads to a large extent to a decrease in supply and increasingly difficult for its inhabitants to find a job.

Another reason is the growing implementation of machines and devices that are able to automate the tasks that were usually carried out by people.

In conclusion everything is a consequence of several factors that have been coincidentally coupled to the same problem over the years.


Well if you scan the news or hear TV you presently understand that the globe economy isn't rolling terribly swimmingly. As a matter of reality it's in terribly dangerous form - everywhere, has been for a few years and isn't getting ready to recover presently. therefore what will we have a tendency to do to remedy true when….

In one country there is also a desire for an exact profession whereas in another it's altogether completely different. after all if we have a tendency to may match the individuals from one country to the wants of another, it might be nice however with the means the globe has clad to be, immigration may be a significant issue.

Furthermore in an exceedingly given country, there square measure several manual labor jobs however the period of time generation doesn’t wish to try and do these jobs so that they intercommunicate easier non essential jobs whereas there’s a powerful demand in manual fields.

In a democratic society you can not force somebody to try and do one thing even though the state wants it so these individuals become dependent of the state they sleep in, making an even bigger burden rather than changing into a part of the answer.

When somebody needs - very needs - to figure, there's employment for them, a minimum of in North America and doubtless in most civilised countries. therefore finding employment isn't that tough however finding employment in your field of experience or employment you wish. currently THAT’S difficult...


Finding an extraordinary activity depends upon an extensive proportion of parts. Conceivably your market is experiencing a withdraw, maybe you don't have the scope of capacities for what organizations are looking for. Or then again potentially no one really demonstrated to you generally accepted methods to quest for business. 

Work Searching takes something past adjusting an application once every week and sitting tight smoothly by the phone for an answer. Occupation looking requires critical speculation, analyze, consistency, advancement, and adaptability. 

In case the reason you can't find an occupation is out of your control (ie, poor market) by then you have to make a circumstance for yourself that lands you a position. To be particular, you have to fabricate your framework. Exceptional among different ways to deal with do this is by volunteering. Find a close-by affiliation that you're happy to help and burn through a few hours consistently or month, giving help of them using the capacities you wish to use for your future chief. 

While you're there, guarantee you familiarize yourself with upper organization, and be all things considered imperative. What's more, thereafter, ask. Ask regarding whether they can put in a word for you with their colleagues who run more noteworthy associations who may enroll. Ask them the help you find a throughout the day paying gig.