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How to manage the right time?
Sometimes, time feels very fleeting while there are still many things that have not been resolved. You may have felt like you didn't have time to do something and often forgot about it. Depending on how you manage your time in a day that is only 24 hours. I feel I have a problem with Time Management.

This is a very important issue which must be addressed because some people think they are managing their time while doing non profitable activities which makes them think they are busy doing the right thing.

Time management is a very essential factor in every human life and just as you've said, "Time flees" very fast. It takes only a wise and reasonable person to engage in time management before time runs out.

I will take my time to list out some factors that has helped me alot when we regard the concept of time management. These are the few points below.

1) AVOID PROCRASTINATION: Shiv Khera once said in his book titled "You can win" that one of the habit that consumes time is procrastinating. Avoid postponing what are capable of doing today to another day. Procrastination has great impact on the effect of time management. Sometimes you are have the opportunity to do something, but you do think there is more time and this makes you postpone such activities. A great disadvantage of procrastination is that you may not end up doing what you wanted to do because you may later be occupied by unexpected circumstances. Try as much as possible to avoid procrastinating and do your activities immediately you have the chance to do so.

2) SLEEPING LATE: I will not want to make this imperative upon you because our body system differs regarding sleeping late at night. Some don't get comfortable whenever they sleep late at night. The fact is that sleeping late helps you to elongate your time which gives you the chance of doing more activities in the night. Most successful people of today adopted the habit of sleeping late at night because they are always fixed up during the day.

3) WAKING UP EARLY: Do you still sleep and wake up around 10AM? I think you should avoid doing this excessively. Whenever you wake up early, you have an advantage of gaining more time to perform your activities. Try as much as possible to wake up early as it adds more time to your day. This is one of the best tips for time management.

4) AVOID DOING NON PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES : This is the category almost everyone who complains fall in. People of today occupy themselves with irrelevant things that doesn't add any value to them. Some people watch non profitable movies for 16 hrs, surf the internet by making non profitable activities on their social media app or sites for 8 hours and you expect them to have time to perform their required activities?. The fact is you have to do away with things that doesn't add more to you and replace it with things that adds more value to you. You can later return back to your enjoyment after you've completed your required tasks.

When people say they are busy or they don't have time, ask them what is keeping you busy? Most of them don't have genuine reasons to explain their busy nature.

Always try as much as possible to avoid doing things that doesn't profit you or add value to you.

5) MAKE A TIME TABLE: One of the best ways to manage your time is to have a plan. You can't have a plan without you having your map or time table because it serves as a guide or path which directs you. Try as much as possible to write out some mission you wish to accomplish for the day and write the time you wish to get them done. Paste this on your wall to serve as a reminder for you. The more you see this, the more you remember you gave your tasks and this will surely help you manage your time and fulfil your goals.

I conclude with Bruce Lee's word which states that "If you really want to enjoy life, learn to manage your time".

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Effective time management is what you need. Managing your time requires you to have laid down rules that you follow.

We have only 24 hours in a day but if you have 100 tasks to do. You can fit them in within that time frame.

The first thing to do in managing your time is to write down all the tasks that will be carried out. This is to prevent you missing out on any. You can write it and clip it in your kitchen, bedroom etc.

Prioritising your tasks is the next step. You may have 100 tasks to complete but some are more necessary than others. Is it cleaning up the garage, buying groceries, washing the bathroom. Make sure you prioritise them according to the most necessary.

Set a time and alert/notification for the tasks. Now you want to clean your garage, you may set 1 hours for it and set a reminder for the next task. After one hour, the reminder will come up for you to move to the next task. This ensures you work at a faster rate so as to meetup.

Following this simple rules will see you carry out tasks with ease within a reasonable timeframe.