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Does giving without expectation in Business make sense?

Yes! In some circumstances , it does make sense to give to clients and even the public without expecting to receive directly from the given!!

Infact, every striving business is encouraged to do this routinely and consistently. This is necessary to endear the company to the hearts of the public so that they would extend their benevolence and good will to the company. Most often , this Goodwill is more valuable than money and or inventory.

Most Public Relation and Promo Budgets of organizations are actually free , but targeted give - aways directed at stimulating the good will of potential customers and the general public..

Thus you should be free to give as much as necessary as social responsibility !!


In some cases it does make sense to give without expectation.

I personally believe that giving without expecting anything in return is the purest form of empathy and selflessness and that karma always finds a way to repay someone who gives out of the goodness of their heart and not just as a transactional ploy.