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What are some of the tips for someone going on his or her first date?

Well I gotta answer this for my brother's out there who need to know this kinda things. Well without further ado, let's get right to it;

1. Don't try too hard: There isn't anything less attractive than a guy that seems to desperate, just be cool and let things flow naturally

2. Keep your hands to yourself: Touching her alot on the first day is not a good idea or a sign of love, it's plain creepy!!!

3. Be audible: Don't be that guy that tries to pretend like he's dark and brooding then end up talking to yourself when you're trying to talk to her. Speak up and let the conversation be an audible one

4. Don't be cheap: Nobody says you should take her to a five star restaurant, but don't take her to a shitty place where the food tastes bad because you're trying to save a little money.

5. Draw her into the conversation: Don't let the conversation become one sided, make sure that she's actively involved in whatever you're talking about.

6. Stick with small talk: Now I know you want to offload all the redeeming qualities that you have that makes you an excellent boyfriend, but it's better to keep things on a light note on your first date.

7. Handle your alcohol: Oh please whatever you do, don't get drunk on your first date!! If you do, then I guarantee you won't have a second one.

8. Chivalry is not dead: By all means please be a gentleman, open the door for her, draw out her chair, do everything the way a perfect gentleman would.

9. Don't talk about money: If you're stupid rich then don't let her hear it from your mouth, she might become a gold digger, if you're just trying g to get by, then don't let her know, your finances are your business not hers.

10. Go easy on the F-word: Some people have serious issues with people cursing alot so it's best to leave the F-word and all its associates at home.

Whatever the case, I hope you find this useful.


I usually don't work with tips simply because humans are different and what works for A might fail woefully for B. However, I will let you in on a little secret; just be yourself and never try to impress. Dates should flow naturally and if it does not, perhaps the two of you are not supposed to be on the that date.

Enjoy your date buddy.


Picked the place carefully

Try not to assume her to a position where you can't even legitimately converse with her or to a place where she begins feeling awkward.

Also, Mentally

On the off chance that you pick a place that can make an adrenaline surge, for instance - Any entertainment mecca with energizing rides or an edge of a spine chiller motion picture date, than would be better.

The substance discharged in the cerebrum will arrange her psyche to feel for you or (succumb to you) ;- )

2 > Be Dependable

Nothing can be more aggravating and frustrating than a man who arrives late at such exceptional event.

10 minutes early is constantly best than 10 minutes late.

3 > Preparing and smell

It is said that "You have to offer yourself before you say anything".

Prepare well and dress sure. Pick the clothing from your closet that makes you feel more sure and positive. (Something that fits you well and looks great on you)

Hairs legitimately brushed (They keep up the half of your looks)

furthermore, Shoes cleaned or cleaned (Mentally the main thing individuals see about your clothing).

Additionally not to neglect to Smell Wonderful. Try not to stink and turn into an anti-agents, Clean up and apply antiperspirant. ^_^

4 > Say her "Name"

A man's name is the sweetest thing they ever wishes to hear (if said in an affable and positive way)

"What Happened Shreya?"

is superior to simply

"What occurred?"

5 > Request little supports (Benjamin Franklin Impact)

Requesting a glass of a water or some other little support improved the situation you will make their cerebrum imagine that they like you.

It chips away at the wonder of subjective discord, where regardless of whether we aren't into somebody, yet in the event that we loan them help or support, we tend to like them intuitively. ◕‿◕

6 > Be Courteous

Keep in mind to open the entryway and draw the seat for your woman. It will in a split second sprout dispassionate regard for you in her heart.

7 > Tease? Truly?

Try not to be a tease from the begin that can make her awkward and make you look unpleasant in the meantime.

You can do it once she is extremely agreeable in your essence, i.e perhaps in the second or third date.

8 > Great Audience

Be a decent audience and give her an opportunity to finish her perspectives don't hinder in the center. Put your telephone on quiet and keep it aside, never expedite your work the table.

9 > Keep up appropriate body pose

Sit straight with shoulders completely open. Try not to pull back yourself.

Have an open non-verbal communication. It will give you moment certainty, besides will make you look all the more masculine.

10 > Keep up Legitimate Eye to eye connection