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What are some of the DOs and DON'Ts during an armed robbery attack ?

 The first thing you should do is stay calm, there are many people who can get nervous at the time of being assaulted and more with a weapon. You should know that the criminal doesn't intend to steal quickly, just as you want it to end quickly so keep calm. 

 You have to cooperate and not put up resistance, so you feel empowered to prevent it from happening, remember that the criminal has the weapon and has the power. His intention is probably not to use it to attack your life, but so that you obey him, but if you put up resistance or provoke him, you can put your life at risk.

 Do NOT threaten the delinquent. It is useless to tell the thief that what he is doing is wrong, do not try to intimidate him with the possible consequences of his actions, he is very aware of them.

 If you have to move, do it slowly, and warn the assailants that you are going to do it since the objective is to prevent them from becoming exalted and violent with you, or that they think you will try to escape and be able to attack your life.

If they give you orders, do them without complaining, otherwise you will only get them to attack you. Remember that the main objective is that you are safe and they leave as soon as possible  

Communicate in the correct way. If the assailant orders something to you and you do not listen to it or you do not understand it, tell him: "I did not understand your order" since you run the risk of him believing that you do not want to cooperate and become violent. If he asks you something, take a deep breath and respond. Never give more information than you requested or try to negotiate.

 And finally, deliver your personal property immediately. remember that material goods are recovered, but life is not; by denying you they could kill you, or leave you seriously wounded, or hurt some relative of yours, or leave you without some limb, and believe me for a material good it is not worth it

 These are some tips that I can give you and that you can memorize, but you must be aware that A PERSON NEVER KNOWS HOW IT WILL REACT since an armed robbery will always catch you off guard and when you are not ready, there are people who cry , they scream, they run and even they hit the criminals, if this happens to you the first thing you should do is try to stay calm and breathe deeply so you can remember these tips


Armed robberies can be pretty scary, trust me I've witnessed it before, in my experience, here's a list of does and don'ts that you should strictly adhere to.

1. DO only what he/she tells you to do, do it quickly and smartly so as to not aggravate the armed robber.

2. DONT move unless told to, if you got to pee then hold it or piss on yourself.

3. DONT have a discussion with the robber, speak only when you are spoken to.

4. DO not look them in the eye. This sounds weird but if you happen to know them from somewhere and they figure that out then you're as good as dead.

5. DONT deny him what he wants. Life is precious, a phone, a bag, a car, money, they can all be replaced, your life can't.

6. DONT try to chase him, I lost a friend who tried to trail to robbers who just took his phone. Note the direction that they followed and leave it at that.

7. Take note of everything you can about the robber, if you can get a good look at their face without them noticing then do it, but I'll advice against that. Take note of their height, stature, race, sex etc.

I hope you never find yourself in any situation where you have to call to memory what I've written above.


Information of and access to resources are the factors that motivates many armed robbers.

Keeping up a position of safety is a decent discouragement to armed robbery

Be an ace of your inner and outer condition.

In the event that there is outfitted theft in your neighborhood, accept that it will get to your premises, bolt your door and seek shelter

Try not to freeze. Resist the urge to panic with the goal that you can think legitimately

In the event that it is during the evening, put off the light

In the event that luckily they didn't come, sit tight for around thirty minutes previously turning out

On the off chance that they are entering your premises consider the police and erase the number

On the off chance that they prevail with regards to entering, participate with them

Try not to endeavor to be a saint. Thieves' advantage is money or assets; they once in a while hurt the individuals who coordinate.

Keep your hands unmistakable

Try not to run on the off chance that they saw you

Try not to defer them superfluously. Equipped looters get more apprehensive and hazardous with time.

Try not to draw out a firearm or weapon when they are with you

Hold up until the point when the thieves have left the premises previously raising caution.

Take a psychological note of the burglars' appearance and the sort of weapon(s) they accompanied

Protect the wrongdoing scene. Try not to contact, or misshape any proof.

Observe their escape mode: by walking, bike, or in an auto

Call the police instantly

Record all that you can review about the occurrence and the thieves.